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25 years of carefree happy Volvo motoring and then the S60R came along.

Under cornering and acceleration this car jumps out of gear revs to 6500rpm and then thumps back into gear. This problem has been reported since its second service and has consistently been reported, as this problem only happens when the car is driven it does not show on the static diagnostic, therefore Volvo cars US say the vehicle is performing normally.

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Transmission is now working fine

It took extreme measures such as wrapping the car (see above) and speaking personally with Steven Odells' P.A. (CEO Volvo Car Company Sweden) to get the help of Volvo US

The dealer still won't admit to it but Volvo Cars US offered to fit a "black box" recording device which simply plugged into the OBDII port (a 20 second install that for some reason required the car overnight) the dealer denied making any modifications at the time of fitting but the transmission was totally smooth after this box was fitted.

Volvo cars US finally admitted that additional transmission fluid had been added and billed to Volvo US so either there was ever enough in and the dealer had never checked the level for 2 1/2 yrs or they overfilled it as was suggested 18 months ago and they refused to action it.

I still think Volvo are the best cars but as long as I live in central Florida and only have 1 dealer to service it I will be buying Jags or Lexus in future.

Thanks for your interest.

I currently have another issue with tires cupping and feathering within 500 miles feels like a wheel bearing is out the dealer swapped one out but I reckon its a suspension or out of round wheel problem the dealer can't find anything, I am just waiting to get out of this lease and move on. I guess I am just tired of fighting the The Volvo store in Winter Park  over this and I have to say YOU WIN I WILL NEVER BUY ANTHER VOLVO FROM YOU AGAIN!