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Bad Volvo's

Anonymous,  May 25, 2009

My boyfriend and I bought new cars at the same time I'm 05'. I got a VW Golf TDI and he a s40. The dealer implied I had made a mistake for getting Volkswagen and not a Volvo. Well I have 120,000 miles on my car and no problems. The only repairs have been brakes, tires and two o2 sensors. He on the other hand had to continuously borrow my car because he had problems. Volvo warranty has been a joke and we are almost to the point of having spent as much for repairs as I paid for my VW. We both are getting new cars in the fall and both will be the new 2010 Golf TDIs. I thought older Jaguars were unreliable...this Volvo takes the cake!

Ray of Surrey, BC April 21, 2009

At approximately 80,000Km the Transmission on my 1999 Volvo S80 started to slip then message center in car showed'Transmission Service Urgent' Contacted Volvo Canada about assistig me with the $5,000.00+ cost to repair the transmission.A supervisor from Customer Relations got back to me saying 'We have reviewed your file for any recalls, service campaigns or extended warranties that may provide reimbursement for the transmission replacement and found none outstanding. For this reason, we are cannot meet your request for assistance' Volvo does not seem to think they should be responsible for defective transmissions in their 1999 S80 vehicles.

I am a long time Volvo owner and must say after this experience, I will no longer be buying another Volvo and will be looking at one of the Japanese luxury brands in the near future. No wonder the Japanese brands are doing well and continue to garner increased sales in the marketplace. Pity, I really did like the Volvo and its perceived safety record but what's the point if they won't take responsibility for their obviously defective transmissions.

They have lost me as a loyal customer and I can see their demise in the future especially in the current economic turmoil and their failure to fix what they know has been a problem. Customer satisfaction is what will drive our future economies and those companies that are complacent will go the way of the dinosaur.

I will eventually have to park the car as I do not have $5,000.00 to put in a car that is not worth more that $5,000.00 The financial hardship this will bring to me and my family at this time is obvious.


Catherine of Baltimore, MD March 20, 2009

I purchased a pre-owned Cross County VC70 Volvo 2001 in 2003, as soon as the extended warranty ran out the car has cost me a fortune for repairs. I have had a transmission replaced, catalytic converter, new wires (twice) because of electrical problems, windows going up and down with it's cold, and now a jerking when you accelerate. I have had tune-ups, new air filters and I am still having the jerking problem and my check engine light coming on. There seems to be a universal problem with volvo's check engine light coming on. I have other friends and family members with Volvo's and we all have the same complaint.

What's going on, this is my third volvo and never have I had so many problems. I have always looked at this vehicle as being safe and a great value, but now I don't know.

Whenever you take the car to the dealer they come up with another problem, but it doesn't resolve the issue that you brought the car to them for. Please help.

Manufacturer should be responsible for any problems that their trained technician cannot resolve, but the customer is paying for and was told the repairs they made should resolve the issue, and your back in a month or two with the same problem.

Kathy of Knoxville, TN March 11, 2009

I purchased a used Volvo xc90 in 2007. We bought it because it was suppose to be safe and because we have always heard that a Volvo would last forever. Well I know why they will last forever--because you have to replace everything in the world on them more than once. We have spent thousands of dollars fixing constant problems on our Volvo.

Of course we have an extended warranty thru Eagle (which is another story) and they haven't been very helpful. Tires every 20,000 miles, brakes 2 times already, gear shift, hose leaks, and now a 2100.00 on a angle gear. This is ridiculous and I have emailed Volvo and of course gotten no response. Save yourselves money and don't buy a Volvo.

We have paid out thousands of dollars on this car and with the new problem just don't have the money to fix it so guess we will be making payments on a car that doesn't work.

Tony of Fredericton, NB February 28, 2009

January 2008 I traded my 02 Volvo XC70 for an 08 Volvo XC70. The 02 model had treated me very well but was getting a little long in the tooth. I travel so the security of a warranty is important. I hope to never have to use it though. It is just over 13 months of ownership of this new Volvo and it has been back to the service center 12 times outside of normal service. Failures include seatbelt and sensors, tailgate load module, sensors and motor, doorlock module, power steering module and a clunking rear hatch. Needless to say it has me peeved.

The service center has treated me fine but Volvo Canada was anything but customer service oriented when I requested a buyback or trade. At a time in history when auto makers are having the most difficult time to survive, they are treating customers like crap. I'm am seeking adjudication in my case and hoping it will be successful and result in a full buyback of my car. The unfortunate thing for me is I really like this model of car. It fits my life style perfectly and the ergonomics accommodate my neck injury. Auto makers should not be allowed to treat customers this way and I look forward to the day when we have laws and regulations that protect us from these corporations.

Robert of Hayward, CA February 25, 2009

When I purchased a used car I asked for the second smart key. They said that they would obtain it from the previous owner. They told me that they had called him and that he stated that he had it. On each subsequent contact (5), I was told that the previous owner did have the key and I would get it. Now I am told no and they are ignoring calls and e-mails asking for a resolution. I am told that Kevin no longer works there. I have sent a complaint to the local BBB and they have also ignored it.

The smart key for this Mazda is $350.00 plus $160.00 for programming.

Emil of Freeport, NY February 23, 2009


in 2005, i totalled my 1998 ml 320 doing 120 --- yes -- my fault. i got my $13,000 insurance money, and put it towards a new car. a 2005 volvo s40 2.4i. i originally wanted the 2005 volvo s40 AWD t5 6 speed. but it was 10k more. so ok. the first day out on the highway going home, my check engine light goes on. (2 miles away) i call up the sales guy while driving, and make an appointment the next week. the fuse for the ciggarette lighters were out, and couldnt charge my phone. battery died 4 times in a week.

when i set my appointment up, the loser volvo dealers said i must've tried to plug something with very high voltage and blew the fuse --- (retards) they said i also must've been blastin music with the engine off... (idiots) check engine light they said i must've tried to do aftermarket motor work that voids the warrenty. so after arguing with them for literally 2 hours. going back forth from talking to him, and him going to the back door saying let me see what my manager gotta say ((((like anyone cares about volvo's that much. hes not important at all staying in his office all day like hes the president))) the car always burns out on curves.

even with the spin control on/off its still the same (makes no difference). the car has excellent handling at 135-140 believe it or not. but the slower you go, the more unstable it is. alot of indicators on the dash came on from 2005 - to today 2/23/09. recently, the tranny doesnt go along with the engine. the engine over rev's and then the tranny kicks in. and whenever this happens, the gas just drops.

the car has a very low front end, and the oil pan has hit many things other honda's avoid. -- honda at least has clearance over volvo's. the speakers were always raspy and vibrate for no reason. the trunk is very large, but no clearance to put anything in. the back seats are type confortable but have no leg space. the radio barely play's CD's (plays burned CD's better than actual bought CD's). right rear tire always go flat for no reason. brake pedal always vibrates. a crackhead broke into the rear passenger side window 3 times in 1 month. all 3 times, i brought to the dealer, and they always made jokes and were very rude.

all 3 times they charged so much money, and they did stuff to the car that didnt need to be done, and charged me for it. for example - re-buffing the door, detailing the guy's blood who broke in (thanks for the sanitizing but let me know before you do it (it was $299) putting in new rubber also, rear brakes always shed rust or metal or w/e it is, and the rims are always dusty and muddy because of it.


Diana of Palos Verdes Estates, CA February 20, 2009

Bought 2003 Volvo XC 90 T6 new. Transmission replaced at 15,000 miles and again at 70,000 miles. Volvo used reconditioned transmissions. Now having problems with starting engine on cold days and other code readouts. Too bad, since we have had 6 Volvos since the 1970s.


Wanda of Tarboro, NC February 20, 2009

I purchased a 2007 S40 Volvo in Jan 08 and today I heard what sounded like a gunshot while I was driving. It came from the front passenger side. Ever since then I have a very foul smell in my car. What could it be? Did the airbag burst?

Have to let the car air out. It is overwhelming and can't stand to stay in the car.

Ben of Austin, TX February 15, 2009

Took our 2001 Volvo V70 XC to a Volvo dealership and they told us a software update was needed. The next day, we came back to have it performed, and they said it didn't need one. Shifting gears was rough now and then, and it would kick. Eventually, it kicked hard and the check engine light came on. As a side note, anytime one of the wires for a sensor is disconnected and then reconnected, the computer will not correct itself and requires the alarm to be disabled/reset. The only ones who can do this are Volvo dealerships or Volvo specialty shops that pay the $10K per year premium for the stupid software to interface with the computer. The whole thing is a racket and completely anti-consumer. Volvo/Ford should be sued into oblivion.

Wanting $4,000 to fix the transmission. Appraised value of the vehicle is now $2,500, with $13,000 still on the loan.

Herbert of Navarre, FL January 28, 2009

I have Volvo Penta SX out drive on my boat which was purchased new in 2006. Since the day I accepted delivery, this engine and outdrive has had problems with Galvanic Corrosion. I have had my boat serviced may times and filed initial complaint when the out drive was still under factory warranty, and nothing has been don yet to fix problem. Now 2 years later my out drive has corrodedd so bad the metal is very unstable and boat can not be put on the water. There are cracks in the metal from the corrosive pressures on the metal.

The corrosion has spresd to all externally mounted components and mount frame. The paint is completely exfoliated and the metal is severely pitted. It is as Volvo did not even treat or prime these out drives before installing them

Pete of Sterling Hts, MI January 26, 2009

2002 Volvo V70 totalled at 101,000 miles. Only complaint is multiple bulb failures and drivers door handle breaking off. Almost forgot, frequently will not start. No juice going to the starter at all. Fix-tap the starter with a hammer or other object and it fixed it every time. 1995 Volvo 850 GLT wagon 240,000 miles. Replaced the starter and left rear shock mount twice. Must use only Volvo plugs when tuning up on either car. Bosch platinums will not work. Tip- NEVER TAKE YOUR CAR TOO THE VOLVO DEALER FOR REPAIRS. Check brake pads every 25,000 miles and have the tires rotated as required. Dont forget to change the belt and do not buy a used one without proof that it has been maintained. Personally, I love the cars but I have met many people that do not.

Judy of Charleston, SC January 24, 2009

I decided to buy a Volvo as a car that I could drive for a long time. I was tired of always having to have the latest model status car. I wanted a nice car that was built solid and was safe. What a laugh! My 2001 Volvo C70 has the same problems as others have mentioned. The hesitation in acceleration is the most annoying and dangerous problem. It does this several times in a 20 minute commute. I worry that it is going to get me killed in an intersection some day. I have NO car knowledge, but even to me it seems to be a transmission problem.

I took it to my local Volvo dealer who ran diagnostics on it and said they could find no problem. Another problem is the screeching of the wheels when I turn the wheel to a certain degree. Like one person said, U-turns are out of the question (it sounds like the car is going to come apart.) I hate parking in my company parking garage because of the noise the wheels make while trying to park. I had this checked out too and the garage greased them and it stopped for awhile, but eventually started up again.

Recently, I'm having problems with the driver side seat adjustments. God help me if someone slides the seat all the way back because sometimes it won't go forward again, and I have to sit on the edge of the seat while my feet barely reach the pedals. After reading these other complaints, I feel certain the motor is going bad. I don't think I would ever buy a Volvo again, especially since they are obviously aware of these problems and don't give a damn. A friend of mine bought a used Saab at the same time as I bought my Volvo, for the same amount of money, and she has not had a single problem with her car. My mother has a similarly priced BMW and has never had any problems, while I have nothing but problems. I trusted Volvo and the advertising and hype of being for life. My advice is: DO NOT BUY A VOLVO!

D. Campbell of Alexandria, VA January 22, 2009

I bought a used Volvo XC90 T6 AWD in 2003 with around 36,000 miles. I have had several problems with it, which are reported on here and 2 days ago had to put it in the shop and was just told that it needs a new transmission. It has had ongoing electrical problems which they can't seem to fix, went through brake pads, the CD broke and had to be replaced (they kept my 6 CDs stuck inside), the radio volume keeps going up and down all by itself, I've replace the headlight bulbs in both headlights 2x now, the motor mounts were broken and had to be replaced (in October).

Volvo knows about the problems with these cars because they track their service records. If that is the case why are they not doing recalls on these vehicles and or paying for the repairs on the known problems. I'm with you all I think that we should file a Class Action Lawsuit and get our money for at least the transmissions, plus money for time off work to be out of a car.

I've been late for work, been without my car on numerous occaisions, spend my hard earned money on the repairs (Well over $1000 a year since I've owned it) and now the cost of a transmission.

Lisa of Bellevue, WA January 20, 2009

I own an XC90 Volvo 2004. Problem - I have had 2 transmissions (yes, shavings in the tranny pan both times), on my third set of tires, countless brake pad changes (this, apparently, is to be expected as it is an SUV using regular car brake pads. While the regular changes are not a big deal - it's still more frequent then I would expect), anti-skid malfunction, and TODAY Check engine light went on which is apparently a software malfunction.

2 transmissions(~$3K out of pocket, as one was covered under warranty and partial coverage for the second transmission), antiskid ($500), tires ($2K), Check engine ($200). And just the pain of taking it in and out of the shop.

Debra of Jacksonville, NC January 20, 2009

I bought a 2008 Volvo C70 and within six months the tires were down to the wear bars. It wouldn't even pass an inspection if needed. The service mgr said Volvo is aware of the wear issue. So why do they continue to sell Pirelli tires and not disclose the wear issue with their valued customers? They told to me take it up with Pirelli.

That is totally unexeptable. I am a mother of four grown children and granma to four grandchildren. I am not a bad driver, I am not a complainer. There is no excuse for this kind of tire wear. My husband and I have owned and operated an automotive shop for over twenty years, we sell tires. I would not imagine telling a customer to take it up with the manufacturer after just six months of wear. What kind of customer service is that! [They] sell a 40k car and you can't do better that that. I will not let this go.

I think it's better left to my attorney.

Mark of Nashville, TN January 20, 2009

2001 Volvo S 80. Impeccably maintained at the dealer, all scheduled maintenance. Right before it turned 100K, the GM transmission failed. Dealer wants $ 4500, top rebuild shops $ 3,000.

This is our second and last Volvo. They used to make good cars. My reward for being attentive is a garage full of junk. Will drive to the salvage yard next week.


Frank Pote Jr of Weare, NH January 20, 2009

this is to let you know that i will never buy another volvo because of repair costs that i have encountered in the past 6 months on our xc90. this is our 5th volvol but the first we bought new in feb 2003. it only has 75k on it and we have spent almost 1900.00 in repairs on both rear wheels because of malfunctions of calipers etc that thenfouled up other things. this is rediculous! each of our previous 4 volvos were bout used begining in 1986 with about 20k on each and were driven in excess ot 150k each without having to put the kind of money into repairs that we have had to with the xc90.

Ramesh of Basking Ridge, NJ January 15, 2009

Our 2004 XC90 (with 48K miles but 63 months from purchase date) had Transmission Service Urgent msg. and Check Engine Light staying On. Dealer from whom we bought the SUV claimed that the Tranny (metal shavings in fluid), Radiator need to be replaced. Regular rate is $6800; as there seem to be many issues with this Tranny (not enough to warrant even a campaign much less a recall), apparently Regional Mgr. is willing to assist in the repair. What are recent experiences for similar models, mileage ,age etc.

Phyllis of Atlanta, GA January 14, 2009

I was at a car wash, and my sunroof just exploded! Volvo and the carwash operator were both made aware of this issue, but no one warned me. I am now left to foot the bill. Also, several things were ruined, including, but not limited to my windshield.

My windshield, I have scratches all over me, my cd's, my car, my sunroof, and so on...

Dori of Chicago, IL January 12, 2009

Volvo advertises that its certified pre-owned cars undergo a 130 point inspection and are up to date in all maintenance. However, they do not regulate this with any dealers. Therefore, we bought a CPO Volvo and soon learned that the maintenance was not up to date. We had to spend $1,050 after 4 months on the 30,000 mile inspection when we bought the car at 31,000. Volvo can not do anything about this since all dealerships are privately owned. Beware of their CPO program. You still don't know what you are getting.

We spent $1,050 on maintenance that was supposed to be performed before we bought the car. We also have true idea of what condition the car is really in.

Sonja of Bellwood, IL January 11, 2009

I have 2001 S80 w/ 116K and I am continuijg not receive an intermittent Check Engine light. The dealer is not able to determine the cause, but one of the cylinders #3 appears not to be functioning properly. Today, the battery was dead. After replacing the battery, it is still not able to keep a charge. Something continues to drain the power from the battery. It appears to be some type of electrical problem.


Mike of Carlsbad, CA January 10, 2009

Bought the first model XC90 AWD T6 in 2003. Numerous issues but spaced outside of lemon law. Primary issue is drive train which has caused me to replace the transmission; both turbos; radiator; u-bolts and the problems keep occurring. I believe that if Volvo had caught the problems when I first complained they could have been corrected properly and within the warranty phase. Is Volvo aware of drive train issues that they have covered up?

Over $10,000 in mechanical repairs for a vehicle that is just driven on the freeway.

Debbie of Highland, NY January 8, 2009

We bought a used Volvo XC90 & was told that if we had an automatic starter installed it would void our warranty. The guy who we have purchased auto starters from in the past said he has installed about 6 in Volvo XC90s & that the dealers lie - it does not void the warranty. I am just looking for some advice on this as we would really like to get an auto starter in this vehicle but we do not want to void our warranty. Please advise! Thank you!

John of Pine Grove, CA January 7, 2009

2004 Volvo XC70. Transmission slow to go into gear (slipping). Took it to the Carmax dealership and they jobbed it out to a local transmission shop that visualized burned fluid and had the transmission slip a few times in 3 days. The representative of Motor Warranty Services of NA came to inspect for warranty coverage and denied the claim, disregarding the mechanic information and obvious burned oil. I am currently appealing through CA dept of Insurance. It is painfully obvious that these transmissions have an issue. I traded in a 2002 Volvo XC70 with transmission problems hoping that in 2 years they would have corrected the situation.

Chris of Mccoy, VA December 31, 2008

We purchased a 2000 Volvo v70XC in 2006 when it had 42,000 miles on it. We've had all the regular maintenance done on it and it has now been into the shop for repairs 11 times in the past 27 months. It only has 80K miles on it. Mainly electrical problems such as the oxygen sensor, ABS control module, leaking cam cover, throttle body and intake manifold gasket, igniton coils and now the drive shaft.

We've owned a total of 5 volvos over the past 34 years and this one is by far the worst one we've owned. All our other volvos went well over 150K withour any major repairs. This one has been a money pit, is very unreliable and expesive to repair. It's too bad because it is a very comfortable ride.

Over $5,000 in repairs over 27 months. That's above all the regular maintenance

David of South Easton, MA December 30, 2008

2004 XC AWD transmission failure. 90,000 miles highway commuting; meticulously maintained. Told cost to repair approx. $2400. Deciding what to do.

Dave of Salt Lake City, UT December 17, 2008

I own a 2004 Volvo V70 with 88K miles. Regularly maintained. This past week I started to notice that the transmission was slipping between 3rd and 4th gear. I took it to the Volvo mechanic who informs me that the transmission needs to be replaced at a cost of #3500.00. After doing a little research it became obvious that this is not an isolated incident. Many are have the exact same problem with fewer miles than my car. My disbelief is only surpassed by my disgust in a manufacturer that seems to ignore the problem. This is not the first major problem that I've had but for a transmission to go in such a short time is hardly acceptable. I look forward to the day when I no longer have to deal with Volvos or their endless problems.

$3500.00 plus in repair bills

Frank of Montclair, CA December 10, 2008

I bought a used 2003 c70 volvo 6 month ago and already had to replace the transmisson it only has 59000 miles in the care.

this is costing me 3700.00 dollar when the enconomy is in shambles, and car dealers manufactors are crying help. What about helpping the consumer.

Alex of Rosemead, CA November 25, 2008

I was a Volvo patriot until I bought Volvo V40, 2003. Since that time I have become a Volvo hostage. The car was a subject of three repairs by warranty including one when I stuck in the road and the car was towed to an auto repair shop. After the warranty the owning of the car has turned into financial disaster. I tried several Volvo dealers for the purpose of repair and find all of them ignorant and dishonest. I can do maintenance and some repair by myself, but the car is purposely design excluding or hinder repair by the owner.

Now my car is 6 yeas old with 73000 miles on odometer and it has serious transmission problem. The repair costs so much that I cannot afford to pay for it. Even though it still drives, if the problem is not fixed within a week or two Ill unavoidably stick in the road and it would cost me even more. What a big mistake I made when I got into this Volvo bondage!

Paula of Thomasville, GA November 15, 2008

I own a 2000, Volvo S-80, unable to shift the car out of park. As a result of the ball at the end of the gear shift falling into the transmission, siezing the gears, I am now in need of a transmission. Truly this is another defect that Volvo should recall...due to the large volume of complaints.

Now I have to argue with my extended warranty company Great Lakes Warranty Corp, since they would rather open the transmission to make a diagnosis. It appears that they do not wish to cover any of the cost, although this part is covered. We would be better served if they would spend more time on either repairing or replacing the part.

Laura of Joliet, IL November 15, 2008

nothing rusty replaced the parts and now they are malfunctioning again. I have had my car in volvo service so many times i have lost count. i would never buy a volvo again or tell anyone to do so because my car is a piece of junk. I have had fords that have given me better service.

I have taken care of this car and it keeps breaking down all the time it has drained my pocket book on the 50.00 copay. I am fed up and sick of this farce. The service i get at lisle volvo is below par that i am embarressed for your product. I am ashamed for you. what a lie.

loss of wages loss of respect for your car and company. I would never buy a volvo again.

Patrick of Nashville, TN November 9, 2008

Another 2004 XC90 T6 awd with a complete transmission failure at 54,000 miles. Volvo not only will not pay for any repair, their solution is to put the same transmission in the vehicle at ~ $6,000 which will need to be replaced in another 40,000-60,000 miles.

down to 1 car until reasonable alternative and recourse found. rental car fees where family seperate travel needed and paid $28,500 for the vehicle which the local volvo dealer and an independant import specialty garage said was meticulously maintained and was just a baby at 30,000 miles.

Margarita of Scarsdale, NY November 6, 2008

my 2004 volvo xc90 just had a new transmission after 49,000 mile! This is crazy.

Sherry St. Clair of Waconia, MN November 4, 2008

I have a 2005 Volvo S40. On Saturday, November 1, 2008, I was driving it on the interstate when I noticed that the heater was not working. After I noticed the heater not working, the car would not accelerate and then all of the instrument panel lights came on. I pulled over to the side of the interstate and the car started to smoke. It was towed to the dealership and I was told that I needed a new engine. I asked why there were no indicator lights that came on prior to the car dying and the service tech told me that the lights don't always come on.

They want to charge me $11k to fix the car when there was nothing I could do to prevent the problem because no lights came on. My extended warranty expired 11 miles ago and they will not pay for it because of that. I am stuck with a car that needs $11k in repairs and is only worth about $13k.

$11k for a new engine that I absolutely cannot afford.

Tim of Havre, MT October 24, 2008

My wife and I bought a 2004 XC90 T6 with 30000 miles on it. We have 58000 miles on it now and we were just informed that we need a need new transmission. After doing some reserch online on the Volvo forums I was upset with all of the others who have had exactly the same problem we just encountered!! There is no way in this day and age that a high end vehicle let alone any vehicle for that matter that a transmission will not last 30-40-50000 miles!!! There needs to be a class action lawsuit or recall or something that can be done about this situation!

The cost of the transmission will around 4500.00 dollars to replace.

Wendy of Gulph Mills, PA October 16, 2008

I have a 2002 Volvo V70XC. I have complained for years about hesitations at gear shifting and told Keystone Volvo service that I felt it was a transmission issue. Last winter I was in a relatively minor car accident. Upon picking up my car from the auto body shop the no oil pressure light came on. I replaced the whole oil pan. They said it was totally black with metallic sludge.

Since then the transmission problems are increasingly bad and it appears as though volvo completely knows of the faulty transmission. Neither my dealer nor volvo has admitted the problem that I began complaining about while under warranty.

The car does not drive properly, may become dangerous to drive and will cost almost $5,000 to fix, if it can even be fixed properly.

Angela of New Orleans, LA October 10, 2008

My Volvo, a 2001 V70 wagon Cross Country, has continually needed repairs, and has been in the shop approximately every 4 months since purchasing this mess of a car in 2005. Volvo has been my second Hurricand Katrina. Now, after alot of time and money on a car with only 68,000 miles, it needs a new transmission which will cost about 4500.00.

After reading on the internet about all the people who tried a new transmission and then needed another one or the problem didn't even go away, I will not fix this car because I don't believe Volvo knows what to do and just keeps telling you to bring it in to do more ineffective things to it. I tried to have another transmission co. rebuild a transmission but they can't make the bucking stop either. This seems to be the same issue so many others are experiencing.  I really believe that this is a manufacturer's defect and Volvo needs to be sued although I don't think they care. I am trying to have a home to live in with my 5 and six year old and don't have time to be ripped off by this company.

Many rental car expenses, many expenses with Volvo, and now the broken car that even Volvo can't seem to fix. What do I do with this joke of a car?

A. Demby of Severna Park, MD September 30, 2008

My car(Volvo C-70) caught fire on Sunday Sept.28 while parked. Had not been moved since 7:oo pm the eveing before the fire. It was burned completely out. Engine was not touched. Fire Marshall investigator stated that the fire was due to faulty wiring in the dash.

The car needless to say, is totaled. Is volvo responsible for the total loss of this car?

Kim of South Bend, IN September 24, 2008

I have a 2001 Volvo S80. I've had it in the shop several times because of a whining noise upon acceleration. I had the extended warranty...which is now 9 months expired. They kept telling me that the computer couldn't find anything wrong. Now the noise is worse and the transmission is starting to have problems. My son went to accelerate and it wouldn't switch out of first gear until the RPM's revved up.

 We've had it in because the tail light keep going out..all they do is wiggle it and say nothing's wrong. A few days later....it's broke again. I'm sure that there are big problems, but I bet Volvo won't do anything about it after reading this forum. I want to get rid of it!

Christine of Upper Marlboro, MD September 22, 2008

A couple of weeks ago and the car just idled and came to a complete stop. When I turned the car back on the Check Coolant Light came on. I tried to get the car to safer place and then the car started blowing smoke and came to a complete stop. I was unable to get it started back that time. I got the car towed to a local Volvo Dealer and was told that the Water Pump Failed and Radiator was leaking which ended up causing my Engine to go out. Volvo was trying to charge me $11,500 for this car. That was a rediculous amount and I was definitely unable to pay that. I then had the car towed to a local dealer and when they inspected the car they also said it was a Water Pump Failure. The local mechanic ended up charging me $3,500 for the damages, but this was still too much.

I have not had this car long enough for this kind of mechanical failure. I have a 2002 S60 with about 80,000 Miles. There were no indicator lights on telling me that the coolant was leaking and there was also no leaking on the ground below the car, before the car failed. I hope to get reimbursed the $3500 for the damages caused by a Defective Volvo Part. At this point, I stand with all of the other Volvo Car Customers and regret buying the Volvo I have.

I ended up having to borrow the money to pay the $3,500 to get my car back on the road. Since that time I have been advise of 2 other recalls, 1 for the Throttle/Uneven Idling and one for the Fuel Pump leaking. I am put in a bad situation with having to pay back $3500 that I did not and do not have. I am a sigle female and live alone. I was already having financial hardship before the situation with this Volvo and now that the car cost me all this money I am in an even worse financial bind. What ever can be done to assist me with getting reimbursed the $3500, due to the Defective Volvo parts, I would greatly appreciate it.

Jerry And Krista Piper of Cicero, NY September 19, 2008

I'm,protesting a vehicle condition report on a Volvo XC-90 which i'm returning.According to my serving dealer the tires that came with the vehicle were not the best choise.I was forced to purchase 4 news after 17,000 miles. Now I'm returning the vehicle and they want me to pay for 2 additional tires at a cost of $220.00.They are also charging me .20Cents per mile for an additional 2,000 miles. It does not make since. If I did not go over the mileage then the car's tires would have passed the inspection.How can they attempt to charge me for both expenses. Summary: The car has 38,000 miles on tires that should have lasted 80,000 miles.The deal confirmed the problem with the tires.What can be done here to arbitrate these charges.

Trudy of Port Orange, FL September 18, 2008

Several things: This is my first Volvo, it is a V-50, 2005. I was nervous about having a car I know nothing about. I have had this vehicle for two and a half months, bought used with 33,000 miles on it. My beloved '03 Camry was totalled in an accident. I had no choice in aquiring this vehicle because of extenuating circumstances with my insurance Co.(GMAC). A small used car lot, taht had the Volvo, said it was still under warranty and to take it to the Volvo Dealership (Family Owned. I set an appointment, when I arrived was asked to sit in the showroom; no other place exists for the customer. Robert came out to me later and said where is your Wheel Lock Key? I was dumbfounded! I had no idea there were wheel locks on the car! No key exsisted after searching! He ordered replacement lug studs for the wheels, and sent me to a Michellin Tire Company to have the locks removed mechanically, as there was no other solution, or so he thought. I went there and for 30 plus minutes a hulking Neanderthal tried to remove one left front lock, he cracked and broke the center hub seal Volvo, and came in sweating saying he could not remove it! I went out to the shop and looked at my car; I saw he had also damaged the alloy rims, gouging them. They were talking of welding a release to get it off! I said no way, I done with this and left. Over the weekend, I went on-line, after hours of research, using the words tamper proof I located how I could solve this dilemma! It turns out this is a standard part on all Volvos especially in Europe! The Dealers here and in Orlando don't even know that this exists, how to service the issue when the key disappears; nor, how to give basic Quality Toyota Service. I found that the manufacturer 'McGard' retails and services this special, high quality, made in Germany, patented, High-Grade steel, Lock. They sent me a new key, and replacement lock made especially for me in Germany, after I sent them via e-mail, digital photos of the damaged lock-nut, the rear one and had the new lock-nut custom made in a week! They sent the tools, the Cobalt Steel Drill bits, special steel guides, and instructions of how to remove the damaged Nut! Gratis!! How about that for Service? The Volvo Dealer here, still insists this is added on after factory, and he has no way of knowing how to deal with it. He went on to say I called him a 'Liar'! I did not and told him so, he is just Stupid! He prefers to not learn something new about his product he sells and services, he just wants to be right in his mind only. Meds would help him. He also insisted I call an 800 number to get the 'Volvo V-50 Owners Manual', as none came with the car; the car also has only one key. I called the number he had insisted only I could call, to order the manual, over three weeks ago; nothing had come as of 9/17/2008. I called the order desk to find out where my order was, I had given them my M C Credit Card, they would not take Discover. I was told: Oh we forgot and shoved your order to the back, I can get it to you now, in two days! I called Customer Service at Volvo to complain about all the above, and mentioned the Manual situation. I was told to hold for a minute, and she came back and said we have extras, we will send you one at no charge. The previous order was over $55.00 with shipping! I still need extra keys, as I have only one, and I am terrified if I loose it I will have so much expense, which I cannot afford! I have called around for replacing with a standard key, and that is a whole different chapter. The Volvo dealership here, could have cheerfully offered me a replacement manual, and followed up on the Key Lock as well, doing exactly what I did. He chose to make my life miserable and difficult; there is no sense of customer service whatsoever in this facility! Robert is a TOTAl IDIOT!

I have now removed the Lock-nut, using my Milwaukee Drill. I will go to a different tire store to have the wheels taken care of, as I do not trust his buddy at Michellin. Maybe I will go to Toyota, I know they will take care of me and my car! I am now alarmed after reading all the disasters consumers have experienced owning Volvos. I realize now, I need to go to Orlando to a different Dealer to keep my car from being damaged any further, on purpose. As of now I have several new scratches in the paint, and chipped paint on the driver's door frame from opening into something. It was not like that till I took it to the Dealer. I spoke to at least six consumers in the last few weeks, who had gone to this Dealer thinking to buy a Volvo. Suffice to say it didn't occur! One is the local Public Defender, she said she was so disappointed with their curt, offhand customer service or lack of it, she bought elsewhere, not a Volvo. Another friend of mine in Colorado who use to live here, said oh God don't go to the Volvo Dealer on Mason they are horrible! Now I just learned this week, that my warranty will run out this October, this guy never brought it up. I learned from Volvo Customer Service, this week, that I need to get an extended warranty. I was told to go to Orlando and shop for it there, as I would probably get A Better Deal! Now I worry I have bought a car that will drain me, falling apart over time, and cause me so much stress, as things seem to detoriate on all Volvo Products. It seems to be the way manufacturer has evolved, not just a few cars but every model, year, and issue. I am very sad, and unhappy to read the lengthy compaints, shoddy service, crappy construction, and nothing positive! I had been a Loyal Toyota Customer for over 22 years, this is not going to happen with Volvo! When I can afford to I will trade this car in on another Toyota Product! They take care of you Cheerfully, and responsibly! This situation has overwhelmed my time, spirit and engery, to solve all these problems, caused me severe strain and stress, cost me time, gas running from one place to another, and was totally unnecessary. I believe I was being punished because I did not buy the car from the local dealership. Robert, even forgot my name and who I was after spending over $250 on a tune-up for 30,000 miles warranty. He had ordered my replacement parts, charged me for them and I had paid for them. I walked into the shop and he said, Oh I am glad you stopped by I forgot your name, and phone number, but here are your parts. He handed me a little plastic bag, holding it by the top as if it had Dog 'do-do' in it, to me. Previously I had spoke to him at length, spent several hours in the dealership waiting for the outcome of the 30K check-up. When they were done I wrote a personal check, with my contact information on it! Plus I had called and left my name and number when I first set up my preliminary appointment! Two weeks after that, my car was not cooling properly, it had not worked well since I bought it, the Dealer where I bought it said it worked. So I went back to this Volvo guy, not my favorite thing to do, and said I think it is sticking, or something is disconnected it does not hold to cool. He had it put in the Shop and came to me later to say the Battery was not holding a charge, was defective, and they would replace it as it was still under warranty! I have no idea what is under warranty with this car, evidently it is under lock and key in Nevada! When this vehicle falls apart on me in the future I worry; as I feel abandoned early on by this Dealership! This is not good, I dread dealing anymore with these kooks, five brothers; they don't seem to know or care about how to capture business, muchless repeat business! Beware, be forwarned, this outfit could care less about their Customer Base! They have no idea what P.R. is, how much business they have chased away, and how you only get one reputation!

Joseph of Brooklyn, NY September 17, 2008

My car was towed Monday, September 15, 2008 to Bay Ridge Volvo. As of today Wednesday, September 17, 2008 no one called me to advise me of the status of my car. I called today and spoke to Ms. Brittany, every question I asked her was I do not know, her manager will call me. Her manager Ms. Regina called me back, and she told me that they are now bringing the car into the shop for diagnostics. She will get back to me when she gets a report. I have been driving Volvos for the last twelve years. I do not think it is fair that I need to wait two days and then complain, for someone to get back to me with the status of my car.


Nancy of Cambridge, MA September 13, 2008

2000 volvo 240, BAD TRANSMISSION, 125k , bought at 99k. the nerve of the authorized repair shop to tell me its my fault, suddenly the transmission fluid is black- last oil change it was fine, they said it was my fault, but check engine light went on the blinking arrows- for 24 hours only, now they're telling me i may have done damage to the internal transmisstion. that's impossible. i am disgusted, 3 alternators later and a total new suspension. mucho bucks for the volvo status symbol

Teresa of Brick, NJ September 10, 2008

2003 Volvo XC90 Please add another bad transmission to the count. Is anyone keeping count? How many does it take for a class action lawsuit? Additionally clogged drains from the sunroof that caused water damage to sensors and a defective master cylindar in the brakes all for a grand total of about 8K in the past six month period. Volvo is NOT for life!

John J Ivery of Camillus, NY September 2, 2008

My transmission is gone and it seems there are hundreds & hundreds of consumers with the same problems.. any sort of acknowledgement from VLVO


Tessa of Norman, OK August 27, 2008

I purchased a certified pre-owned S40 on May 19, 2008. Shortly after I took the car home, I began to notice a foul smell. I figured that maybe a cat had gotten into it with the previous owner, and that the smell was just a result of that and would eventually fade away, so I pushed that to the back of my mind. Toward the end of June I noticed that the car was having trouble starting. I took it into the dealership in OKC, and they told me that I needed some part to regulate the fuel pressure. Just over a week later the part was fixed, and I picked up my car on a Friday. On Saturday morning my car would not start. Monday morning I dropped off the car again, and was eventually told I needed a new fuel pump. A full two weeks later, my fuel pump finally arrived. Two weeks! I was finally able to pick up my car on a Thursday. After parking in my driveway Sunday afternoon, I noticed a huge puddle under the car, and I felt that the floorboard under the passenger seat was soaked. The following Monday I took the car back yet again. This time I was told that the air conditioner vent had become disconnected and all of the water from the air conditioner had leaked into the floorboards and molded everything. By last Wednesday afternoon I was able to pick up my car and drive home. Today (8/26) I was driving home and the car just completely shut down. I was able to coast into a parking lot away from the highway rush hour traffic, and had my car towed in. There was no warning of any sort that the car was having issues. The car has been in the shop for 30 of the last 35 days, and I haven't even made a payment on it yet. I have no idea what I am going to do when the warranty expires in December, as Oklahoma lemon laws do not cover used cars. I had purchased this Volvo as my first car because of their reliability and safety ratings, but now I really wish I had go with the less-expensive, new Toyota. This is absolutely ridiculous.


Karen of Austin, TX August 25, 2008

Purchased a 2001 s60 volvo with 16,000 miles on it, sounds too good. I have had the tranmission replaced, lights keep going out, CV joints have been replaced and just a host of other stuff. I do not believe in Volvo's anymore.

Patricia of Redwood City, CA August 25, 2008

I did not use the car for several months due to low gas mileage -- have been using my second, more economical car. Due to disuse, battery died, so, as I always have done, I prepared to use jumper cables to get the car started. I was aware of the fact that the battery is located under the floor in the left rear of the trunk, but I had NO idea that it is physically impossible to expose the leads for purposes of jumping the battery to start it without disassembling the car. Access to one of the three bolts that secure the bracket that holds the COVERED battery in place is virtually impossible for the average person without the proper tools. Perhaps a Volvo service center has a wrench that has an angled neck, making it possible to loosen the bolt that attaches to the rear of the trunk, just inside the trunk from the bumper, but standard wrenches will not work. If I were out and about and had the need to use jumper cables on my car, it would not be possible. I doubt that all roadside services are equipped to handle this situation, either. While Volvo (now Ford...) may counter that there is some safety reason for locking the battery away so nobody can access it but, perhaps, authorized serviced centers/personnel, but I won't believe it. I have driven nothing but Volvos since 1977, and HAD vowed never to own or drive anything else. This experience, alone, and made me decide to get rid of this car as quickly as I can and purchase a different foreign made automobile. Shame on Volvo!

To expose the battery and the bolted bracket that holds it in place, I had to break several plastic pieces that look like large-headed screws that are punched through the plastic housing inside the back bumper and the felt-like molded covering that forms the walls of the trunk. The molded plastic housing still was not liberated sufficiently to provide access to the last bolt, and pushing it to try to gain access came dangerously close to cracking it. The stupidest design feature I have ever seen in a Volvo!

Angela of Agoura Hills, CA August 22, 2008

I originally purchased my 2005 s40 Volvo at Neftin Westlake in California. I was visiting a friend in Las Vegas and was pulling into his driveway when all of a sudden every indicator light on the on electrical panel lit up and the car shut off in the middle of driving and I could not restart the car. I had the car towed by triple A to a nearby independent mechanic called Sunset Auto to have them examine my vehicle.

The next day they called and told me that the timing belt was shredded and had damaged parts of the engine which is why the car had shut off. They explained that this would be about a $2,500 repair job. They also told me that the timing belt should last and does not need to be replaced until 100,000 miles. I only had 43,000 miles on the car. They told me that I should have it taken to Volvo for repairs as it should be covered under warranty as my vehicle was covered for 50,000 miles and it was well under that.

I had the car towed to Volvo of Las Vegas to be inspected. The next day George, my service advisor, called to let me know the bad news He said that unfortunately the car was not going to be covered because I must have been in an accident. I told him I was NEVER in any front end collision and that the car just died in the driveway- I could even have the tow truck driver account for that. He insisted it would not be covered. The next day I went down to Volvo and the other service advisor whispered to me So, what did you hit? C'mon- it's okay, we know you hit something) I told him I absolutely DID NOT hit anything. They kept saying I must have been in a serious accident.

George explained I was looking at about a $3,000 repair that was not going to be covered. I told him that according to the other repair shop, the belt should not have gone out at 43,000 miles and how was that relevant to anything he was saying? I went home that evening frustrated about what to do- and called the Volvo Complaint Center, and of course received no help whatsoever.

The next day I called Volvo and George said perhaps I scraped something and I must have hit a speedbump or curb which hit the AC Compressor which caused the damage and that I should just call my insurance company Even if this was the case, what a horrible, poorly made vehicle if it cannot withstand going over a speedbump. All of sudden George said the repairs were going to cost about $5,000 or $6,000! The price went up thousands of dollars in just one day!

I called the original body shop, Sunset Auto, and they said in fact they would vouch that there was no visible damage to the AC pump at that time they inspected the vehicle. I repeatedly asked George to please email or fax me a copy of the estimate so I could have it for my records. He fought about it and was very rude and after repeatedly asking him he still NEVER sent me an invoice.

I ended up having to tow my car back to California to have my car fixed and still cost me money out of my pocket. There was no way I would ever let them have my business. I was even sent a customer survey later on my last service experience and submitted it to Volvo of North America. I never got a follow up call or anyone even addressing my ordeal. It took over 2 months to get this ordeal straightened out which was frustrating since I was making payments on a car I couldn't even drive.

I am a valued customer who pays all payments early, services my vehicle at every service suggestion and does everything by the book. I am so disappointed and angry that Volvo treats its customers like this. I will make it my quest to make sure that nobody I ever come in contact ever buys a Volvo. I will go out of my way to bring this to everyone's attention about the poor customer service and quality of their products. Shame on Volvo.

I was forced to make payments on a vehicle I wasn't even driving and had to spend more money out of my pocket just to get to work everyday, not to mention the money i had to pay out of my pocket to fix the car.

Georgina of Long Beach, CA August 21, 2008

I have taken my 2001 Volvo V70 in to have the air conditioning checked while the car was under extended warranty . They could not find anything wrong and now I am about to return with the continuing problem , the extended warranty is up. I anticipate an unseemly battle. They do send me a Birthday card with which I can fan myself . About four years ago I reported that the car was hesitating and erratic , twice leaving me in the path of oncoming traffic when making turns. I was made to feel like a delusional imbecile by Power Volvo of Cerritos . They said that there was no problem then they said that to replace the transmission would cost me a great deal . I claimed against extended warranty and it was denied . I asked them to send the letter denying the claim to a lawyer and suddenly they took care of the expensive imaginary problem. yes they took care of that problem but I had to threaten and I resent being treated in that manner.


Roxanne of Edmonton, OTHER August 18, 2008

My 1999 Volvo V70 was purchased in September of 2006. The car is wonderful to drive however it seems to have some issues which, although under recall, Volvo refuses to fix. My first contact with Anglo Canadian Motors - the only Volvo Dealership in Edmonton, AB, Canada was a tremendously stressful experience! It all started on February 3, 2007. I was driving to my Stepdad's to have the oil changed on my car (he does all my oil changes and knows a lot about cars but is not a licensed mechanic), the oil pressure light came on about 1/2 way to my destination so I pulled over and immediately popped the hood and checked the oil, the levels were good. I started the car again and the light was still on so I called my stepdad to ask what might be wrong. He obviously asked about the oil level and I told him that it was reading fine. He suggested I add some oil, just to be safe and bring the car straight to him so he could check it. I did as he said - the oil pressure light did not go off at all. My stepdad checked everything he could think of but couldn't find anything wrong. He changed the oil and suggested that I take it into Volvo to have them check it - I had to have it towed as I didn't want to do any damage just in case. Let me be clear here, the only issue was that the oil pressure light was illuminated. There were no funky noises or smells or smoke or anything. All else seemed fine with the car, it ran fine, it drove fine, nothing really seemed to be wrong except the light. Here's where things get bad - I had the car towed to Volvo, it was a saturday afternoon so of course Volvo closes early - they did however promise that they would look at it first thing Monday morning. Monday morning came and went so I finally called them Monday late afternoon to find out what was going on - they still hadn't looked at it. I called again on Tuesday morning and they still hadn't looked at it. Called again Tuesday afternoon and finally they had looked at it however the news was NOT good. I was told by the Service Rep that the car would require an engine rebuild as the heads' were damaged and that this work was going to cost me about $8000.00!!! I was obviously shocked beyond belief and obviously requested more explanation (I am a woman by the way so I'm not sure it that plays any part in this whole scenario...). The Service Rep continued to tell me that the car was severely damaged - supposedly because I had driven it after the oil pressure light came on - and that the engine would need to be rebuilt. How is this possible? There was, as I stated before, no funky noises, no smells, no smoke, no nothing! Not to mention, I could have purchased a brand new motor for the car for what they were quoting me for the rebuild! I asked if they could fax me a copy of the diagnostic report and of course was told they couldn't do that. I told them to stop everything, hung up the phone and called my husband at work. I told him what they said and he was so shocked he couldn't speak. I explained that logically, what they were telling me did not make sense at all. My husband hung up the phone and called Volvo himself - Volvo stuck by their guns and gave him the same story. I then called Volvo and told them not to do anything and that I would be down to pick the car up then next day. The next day my husband and I went down to pick the car up. I was given Volvo's report on the car which states exactly this NO OIL PRESSURE LIGHT ON AT THIS TIME. CHECKED OIL LEVEL. GOOD. OIL LOOKS AIRATED. SUPSECT OIL PAN SEALS DAMAGED. WILL ALSO LIKELY REQ HEAD TO BE REBUILT (LIFTERS NOISY, AND CLOUD OF SMOKE C OMING OUT OF TAIL PIPE). *NOTE* THERE MAY BE OTHER DAMGE TO ENGINE ABOVE AFOREMENTIONED ISSUES. After we got the keys back, we started the car - nothing was wrong, the oil pressure light was off, there was no unusual noises or smells or smoke or anything. My husband drove it down the road and it seemed to be fine. We were both mystified however we had found a reliable mechanic through a friend who new all about Volvo's so we took the car directly to him - we drove it there and had no problems. The next day (Wednesday February 7th) our new mechanic took a look at it - I worked right next door to him so I was anxiously awaiting his findings! I had told him what Volvo had said and showed him the report that I was given. By that afternoon he came and talked with me and I was more than relieved as you will understand after this next bit of information! My 'trusted' mechanic came back to me with this on his report Oil pressure light was not on when vehicle moved into shop. No exhaust smoke. Oil level good. Remove oil pressure switch. Oil pressure cold, idle 85psi. 2500rpm 75psi. No problem with oil pressure. Remove filler cap when running, valve train is being lubricated. Recommend changing oil more ofter to help clean up sludge build up. Inside valve cover and on sending unit there is sludge/ carbon. Do not recommend doing an internal engine flush as this could caused problem if too much sludge remove at one time. Road test, no valve train noise detected at city or freeway speeds. What was the problem - well, the people who owned the car prior didn't maintain it very well, the oil had not been changed regularly and there was a build up of sludge - what was required to fix it - an oil pressure switch was replaced, the part cost $23.91. My total bill with part, labor and tax $147.99! A far cry from $8000.00!!! And all I had to do was get the oil changed every other month to get the sludge cleaned up - I am now back to regularly scheduled oil changes and the oil pressure light no longer comes on! Needless to say, my trust in Volvo service has diminished extensively! No, actually, my trust in Volvo service is completely GONE! Unfortunately, my contact with Volvo continues as now I have a recall issue that needs resolution. In October 2007, the ETS light came on and not knowing what this was I took out my owner's manual and looked it up. The Electronic Throttle System - whatever that is - was at fault. Not knowing what this was I did some research on the internet and found out that Volvo has a recall on this. Now, the car wasn't really doing anything out of the ordinary at this point, the light just came on and every now and then the engine would rev up and down when I was idled at a light or something - nothing really huge or even all that worriesome, just quizzical. I of course called Volvo to have the recall work done - great, not this again! I was told that it was a simple software download so booked it in for the download. On October 26, 2007 I took the car down for the download and waited since it would only be an hour to do. The service rep came out, said You're good to go. I asked if the download was done and he said Yes. But it may take a few hours for the software download to take effect so give it a day and if the light comes back on give them a call I was also told that the next step would be to replace the ETS module if the light wouldn't go off. I signed the paper, got my keys and left. The ETS light was off when I started my car and drove away. Within a few km's the light came back on again so I thought nothing of it and continued home. The next day the light was still on so I called Volvo. I was asked if the car was doing anything strange, at that point it was not so I was told to wait and see what happened. On November 2, 2007 my husband and I took our daughter out for dinner for her birthday and about 2 blocks from the restaurant we stopped at a red light and the car simply DIED, right in the middle of the road! Couldn't get it to start at all, all we got when we turned the key was a 'click'. We pushed it off to the side of the road and took a taxi home as it was quite late in the evening. Called Volvo first thing November 3, 2007 (saturday) and had the car towed to the dealership. Volvo couldn't even LOOK at the car until November 9th! I had to rent a car for a week! I explained that I had just had the software download done the week before and the ETS light had never gone out so it had to be something to do with that. They said they would look into it. On November 9th I was told that it wasn't the ETS, it was the Fuel Pump Relay switch. I asked if they would replace the ETS module because I was certain that was the problem. I was told that they could not do that because the diagnostic indicated it was the fuel pump relay so Volvo would not approve the replacement of the ETS module. I called my husband and expressed my distrust in Volvo's service department and although he agreed with me, he thought it best to simply have the part replaced and see what happened - $305.52 later! Volvo cleared the ETS indicator after replacing the fuel pump relay and I drove the car home. Within 2 days the ETS light was back on and I was back on the phone with Volvo. They booked me in for November 23rd to have it checked again. The ETS light goes on for a few days then goes off for a few days, then goes on, then goes off. When I took the car in on November 23rd, the light was off and I was told that they couldn't do anything if the light was off because they couldn't get the 'reports' that they need to submit to Volvo to have the work approved. I am now frustrated beyond belief! I called and spoke with the service manager and didn't manage to get anywhere however, I did get a tidbit of information that really ticked me off! I was told by the service manager that the ETS software download was originally done in 2004, I said that wasn't possible since I hadn't owned the car in 2004 and that I had taken it in for the download in Oct of 2007. The service manager was adamant that the download had been done in 2004. I then asked if the download would be done twice for any reason. He said No, because it was the same download and they would never do it twice. Interesting, I was told by the service rep on October 26th 2007 that the download had been done - note my quote from the service rep above. Okay, so the service manager insists, according to the maintenance records of my vehicle, using my VIN#, that the download had been done prior to me even owning the car and that this is 'on record' for my car according the the VIN# and that Volvo has access to all of this information - now tell me why, when I took my car in on October 26th 2007, the service rep didn't notice (or didn't care) that this download had already taken place - they had the reports ON THAT DAY that the ETS module was all messed up! Now, I can't get Volvo to do anything because when I take it down to them, they seem to find other things wrong with it and supposedly it can't possibly be the ETS module! So, to date, the ETS light is still on (it doesn't even go off anymore), the check engine light keeps coming on, my car stalls at intersections - though it does start back up again, it continues to rev when idling and sputters almost constantly. I'm now having some noticable issues with the braking although I've pretty much narrowed this down to only happening after I've hit a pothole or a bump in the road then braking - the brakes become quite sluggish and stiff and requires a lot more pressure to get the car to stop. I've replaced ALL of the window controls which was quite costly AND I've had to replace the tailgate lock (which is under recall as well but only for the year 2000 model - I currently have an inquiry in regarding this for a reimbursement of my money - ya well, a girl can have dream right!). I still love my car, overall it treats me quite well and still drives great most of the time - what I can't stand is dealing with Volvo. How is it possible that there can be an obvious defect that already has a recall out on it but the manufacturer won't honor their committment to it. It boggles my mind to realize this but even worse is the fact that there is no recourse for the consumer - we file the complaints and we talk to the people who are supposed to be there to help us but we get nowhere! Why is there not a governing body to which we can go with these issues who will actually assist us in resolving these issues and getting these manufacturers to provide the service and quality that they brag about when they're trying to sell you their product but that as soon as they have their money, they conveniently forget all about! This is what the issue truly is, not the fact that they're producing crap that in some cases poses a critical risk but that they don't feel the need or more importantly, the RESPONSIBILITY, to fix the problems and actually follow through with the promises.


Joseph of Belmont, MA August 16, 2008

We purchased a 2004 XC90 Volvo. The car was purchased because of the reputation that Volvo has for a dependable, long running, safe car. That is simply not the case anymore. My wife took the car in because the transmission was not right. Much to our surprise we were told we needed a new transmisson. The car has only 41k miles on it!!!!!! Who has ever heard of that!?!?!?!?!?! We are in the process of deciding what to do and looking to Volvo for help. So far there has been nothing. I'm on board with the other Volvo owners who would like to file a Class Action suit!!!


Alison of Snellville, GA August 14, 2008

I have a 2002 Volvo XC- it has had so many problems I couldn't list them all, but a lot of these comments are very familiar. lights go out constantly, the fuel pump went out (now under recall _ I had already replaced it, wrote for my refund over 7 weeks ago and have never received the refund!, no number for contact) Now the transmission needs to be replaced, it revs really high in stop and go traffic and then lunges forward really hard when the transmission finally catches. We have been diligent with maintenance on the car, all recommended scheduled maintainance has been performed, oil changes are performed as required, everything. It's so frustrating, not to mention expensive. I love the safety features of this car, I love the styling of it, the interior is so well thought out- everything is right where it should be. But as far as reliability, I could never recommend one to a friend.

Last year I spent over $5,500.00 on repairs that I never would have encountered in the Hondas that I drove for years. Not to mention the lost time from work to take the car to and from the dealership constantly.

Ray of Freehold, NJ August 13, 2008

My 2001 S80 Volvo showed a transmission service message. Brought the car into the dealer and told them of the problem. The service person was extremely understanding and helpful, provided a loaner car for the day for me. Unfortunately the problem was the transmission needed to be replaced. The problem that I have with Volvo is that the transmission was replaced just 19 months ago. It had the exact same problems. That time it was under warranty. I asked if there was anything Volvo could do as far as a warranty on the transmission seeing as it was changed such a short time ago. I was told that nothing could be done. So here I am with my S80 Volvo, needing a third transmission for the cost of $4700.00. Attempted to call Volvo with absolutely no luck. This is only the latest of issues with this car over the five years I've owned it. Will never purchase another Volvo again


Breanna of Acworth, GA August 7, 2008

I bought my 2001 Volvo S60 pre-owned with 61,000 miles on it in 2006, It is now August of 2008 and I have had NUMEROUS problems with this car. First, my transmission went out about 3 months after I bought the car. For about a year nothing happened, then the whole front of the car started making a shaking sound. So the dealership replaced the bushings or something, costing way too much. I've gone through probably 8 headlights, 3 tail lights and 2 blinkers. The sunroof is somehow broken, the driver's side window sometimes doesn't go down, otherwise when it does, I try to put it back up and it goes about a quarter of the way then goes back down. My air conditioning unit has gone out, and to replace this is $1100 all it is is a new head unit, sort of. I just have had the worst time with this car. I've thought it was a lemon or something but i just don't know what to do! I'm all for a law suit there's no reason for people to replace a whole trnsmission for a car, it's crazy! I HATE VOLVO


Emrol of Chesterfield, VA August 3, 2008

My 2004 volvo XC90 T6 has had several ridiculous issues that i have never experienced in any of the German vehicles I have owned over the past 20 years. I have been fearful of this car of late mainly because I read several complaints about the reliability of the transmission on this vehicle. well my fears became reality on friday night while my wife and 22 month son were coming home from the market. My wife called me frantic about how the car will not go into reverse and now that I have managed to drive out of my parking spot it is not moving above 20 MPH. Needless to say, I was angry and VERY concerned for my family's safety. She was able to creep home and we called the tow truck company to take this piece of junk to Mooer's Volvo in Richmond Virginia 804 755-666. I wish to file a complaint about the reliability of this vehicle and the danger it places it's owners (mostly people who turn to Volvo due to it's safety record, we sure did!) and their families. I have read hundreds of people experiencing this exact problem with this vehicle. The dealers know there are issues with these cars yet they dumb you down as if you are a unique case. Monday morning i will be in my attorney's office with my facts I gathered over the weekend showing this is such a ridiculously common problem that if Volvo hasn't done right by consumers THEY BETTER GET READY FOR MAJOR LAWSUITS. To start, they need to buy these cars back from consumers for what ever they owe on these cars AND issue a statement apologizing for putting out such a terribly DANGEROUS product for families.


Noelle of Los Angeles, CA July 15, 2008

DO NOT BUY A VOLVO! The MAJOR problems I've had with my 2001 S60 2.4T are the Throttle (recalled), the Fuel Pump (recently recalled) and now the transmission (should be recalled) which will cost $4,200 to fix, if I'm lucky. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT? I'M SO IN!!! Volvo just raised the price of their parts by over 30%. Five weeks ago, it would have cost me $3,500 to fix my transmission. Today, it's $4,200 for the same repair. They offered no justification other than the Euro/Dollar exchange rate. PLEASE!! And forget even getting the BASIC level of customer service from Volvo, as If the ridiculous repair costs and constant breakdowns aren't bad enough. Volvo treats it's customers so badly, it's infuriating. You cannot even get a person, with any level of authority, on the phone. There is literally no mechanism available to adequately resolve complaints. It's unbelievable. The minor problems (which cost a fortune to fix) are too numerous to mention.


David of Belleville, MI July 1, 2008

In 2001, I purchased a pre-owned 1999, Volvo V70 GLT with 22k miles on it for my wife. I had purchased this car because our previous Volvo, a 740 Wagon Turbo, had gone 189k miles with no major issues and some kid was delivering pizzas with it at 280k miles! I checked car fax and the dealer's service record on the vehicle and everything looked good. We purchased the extended warranty and I had them change the transmission fluid, cut the rotors, and put on new brake pads as part of the conditions of sale. Betten Motors in Grand Rapids MI was great and everything went as planned. When reading the next paragraph keep in mind a couple of items the vehicle has been meticiously maintained and I have not included the typical wear n' tear items like brake pads, timing belt, etc. which have been replaced at the service interval or when worn. Synthetic oil and filter every 12k miles with Amsoil (oil can go up to 25k before change). Transmission fluid flushed every 2yrs with synthetic fluid and coolant flush every 2 years with Prestone 150k mile coolant. Brakes power bled with ATEO Dot4 fluid twice since car was purchased. Power steering fluid replaced with synthetic. Tires always rotated when oil was changed. Plugs every 50k miles - Bosch Platinum good for 100k. Now the fun begins. I could feel a vibration at 42mph and again at 83mph and replaced the tires at 52k miles. Vibration lessened but did not go away. Sesi Volvo in Ann Arbor MI could not find issue and blamed tires, balance, alignment, and bad brakes. I completely redid the brakes and took the car back to the tire place for a check on all of the above. They could find nothing. After months of fighitng with the dealership and they would do nothing, I took to a suspension shop. The simply took the tire off the car and spun the hubs. They identified the bad corner and balanced the tire on the car to eliminate the vibration. The issue is something inside the hub, CV joint, or transmission. This is one example of the issues and incompetence of the dealership I took it too. Now, at 105k miles, I have replaced the following due to issues: Control arms, alternator, dipstick tube and dipstick, radio (5 times), stereo and antenna amplifier, CHMSL, bad section of wiring harness, one caliper, all rotors @ 52k miles (warped), ABS module, ETM, heater core, doorwindow switches (2), water pump, coolant expansion tank, coolant level sensor, power steering rack, shifter lever, cup holder, sunroof (leaking non stop), anti-theft immobilizer, and sway bar end links. The only items that were covered under the warranty were the control arms, dipstick and tube, power steering rack, and ETM. Horrible warranty had to fight with them every time because they never got a diagnostic code so the warranty would not cover the issues and the time wasted taking the car to Sesi. These issues cropped up around the 50k mile mark and continue today. Thanks to a Mitchells manual and the internet I have been able to fix many of the above items myself. Imagine that not even having a computer to read the codes and the problem can be fixed at home! At this point I am not ready to gamble on another Volvo. I will keep this one until a major item begins to or does fail. The car was bad but the service at Sesi Volvo was even worse. They could not fix hardly anything and their attitude was too bad, it's you problem - bring it back when there's a code.


Jean T. Dormer of Salisbury, MD June 26, 2008

After driving four hours steadily in heavy Washington beltway traffic , my 2006, XC70, with 36,210 miles, stopped running recently. Due to a decline in the road surface, I drifted to a shoulder where the car again would not restart. About one hour later, the engine turned over after I first experienced hearing a grinding noise coming from or behind the ignition site. It was towed to my dealership,nevertheless, on a flatbed truck where no codes came up on the diagnostic computer the next day. Asking for further investigation, I was told that two Volvo field reps, on two different occasions would inspect the vehicle. The results were eventually the same. I was then told there was nothing more that could be done and to pick up the vehicle. After calling Volvo of America I was also given the same directions:Drive your car off the lot. I was also offered another diagnostic work-up under my extended warranty.The person named Helen (no last name offered)at Volvo of America stated that their feeling was that human(driver)error was probably the culprit.(!) She further suggested that my knee could have jarred the key to turn off. I stated that is physically impossible...and furthermore that I stood 5'1 making it even more improbable. I should mention, too, that my dealership suggested that I was using the wrong key to drive the car...that the owner's manual specifically states that the valet key is limited in its usage...only for valet type services, whereas the programmed key, alone, was for long distance driving. I did not find any such info. in the manual. We purchased this car, especially, for its safety record, and spent $42,000 plus taxes in 2/06. Sadly, I have lost confidence in the car and expected more assistance/direction. Basically the onus is now, seemingly, on us to drive the car until the problem duplicates itself. We do not believe that an extended warranty should be spelled out in the manner quoted: that it is the responsibility of Volvo to drive the car for this possibility to reoccur. Our extended warranty is 100,000 mi. or 6 yrs.of operation. At the second Volvo dealership,the examiner was extremely interested in the sequence of events leading up to the mishap, paying keen attention to the details of when the car could or could not restrt, and, too, the grinding noise when the key finally turned over and strted the engine


Geoff of Newmarket, OTHER June 25, 2008

Volvo Extended Warranty Program 192. Defective Catalytic Converter Pipe in V40/S40 models. In cold climates the part cracks, the vehicle will not pass emission tests, pollute the environment and make an obnoxiously loud noise like you have a modified exhaust, how's that for class driving in your neighbourhood?? Volvo has half heartedly offered to pay for the repair for any vehicle for a period of 10 years or 160,000 kilometers, what a joke.

Oner of Ankara, UT June 13, 2008

Good afternoon, I have got a 2001 model Volvo S40 T-4 (137.000km). At 129.000km , i had a problem on the engine. There was a crack in the 4th cylinder which cause the cooling water to mix with the engine oil. So i went to the official dealer in ankara called Volan. They fixed my car with a huge bill (nearly 2.000EUR). After 3 months, i discover that my car can not do he first ignition correctly. i go to dealer (Volan) and left my car there for a day. they told me to change the sparks. i changed them but i still have the same problem. Yesterday i go to another private volvo service (not official). and they discover that i have still the same problem that was fixed by the (Volan)official service. i am asking for assitance from the customer relations department of Volvo car corporation. To be a Owner of Volvo cars should not be that much painfull in my opinion.

Douglas of Bristol, CT June 3, 2008

My wife and I bought a 2001 volvo v70 (do I need to say more) within 10,000 miles, 57,000 the tranny is acting up. When I called Volvo the sales girl was rude and she told me that she did not know what was wrong (I understand that) but when I mentioned the ETM all she said was it was done so sorry go to the dealer. Maybe the second one went out it seems that alot of things on this car fail more than once. I am just besides myself because I did a little research when looking at this car but did not uncover the tranny. I think that volvo needs to man up and fix the problem.


Sandra of Denver, CO May 19, 2008

2001 S60 2.4T bought as certified pre owned from volvo with 47,000 miles. Have had complaints about poor & rough acceleration & shifting, rolling in park while under warranty. Now it is out of warranty and Volvo says I need new transmission, right axle, CV joint, rear seal, and motor mounts on my dime. The local Volvo service manager has offered to buy the remanufactured Volvo transmission, nut I have to pick up the costs on everything else. Have alwayas had it serviced by Volvo at their intervals. I see there are LOTS of complaints against Volvo regarding their transmissions, is there a class action lawsuit?

William J. Mitchell of Boynton Beach, FL May 15, 2008

we brought our 2000s80 volvo in for service with an ignitionm problem on wed. 4/23 at 1:00 pm for an estimate.after calling at 9:00 am on thurs and getting no respones by 1:00 pm, i called the service mgr for help. no resronse from the voice message i left. at 3:30 the service advisor called me to tell me that the repair would be 2300.00 dollars.i asked first if there were any service loaners and he told me that all 15 cars were committed and none were available. i told him i would call in the am. after eliminating 700. dollars of add'l work i told him to proceed. i rec'd two calls from this person in the next 8 days our car was being fixed. all other comms. i had to initate...is my car being worked on yet? have the parts arrived? when will it be done? my complaint is no or very little communications from the advisor, no response from the service mgr who is too busy to respond to customers, the fact that i believe that the service tech and the advisor are on some type of incentive program to more wrong with your car so they will benefit....which is totally not in the best interest of the consumer. my wife and i both feel that we were trully treated poorly. thank you, we just wanted to tell someone about our experience since we both felt that contacting the dealer would be like talking to a snowman.

Clyde of Biscayne Park, FL April 26, 2008

Back in March,2008 my driver side rearview mirrior glass on my 2004 Volvo S60 started to vibrate and looked like it was ready to fall off. I quickly pressed on the glass and the glass stopped vibrating. Three days later while making a left hand turn my passenger side mirrior glass fell off and crashed to to the ground in pieces. Realizing this was an issue that needed my imediate attention I went to Weston Volvo in Weston ,Florida on 3/29/2008. Terry Millar the service writer told me that because my milage was at 53,062 I would have to pay out of pocket. An issue I thought would resolve as soon as I contacted Volvo who sells their cars by stressing their quality and craftsmenship. My last Volvo an 1983 two door Turbo lasted me 21years with only wear and tear items needing to be replaced. 21years and none of my mirriors ever fell off. Not to mention 2 at one time. I see this as manufacturing defect issue not a warrenty issue. If one mirrior had a problem maybe so but 2 at one time. So far they are only willing to compensate 50% of the $219 it cost me. Betty (as she identifies herself) at customercare@volvoforlife last stated in her e-mail reply We have taken your concerns seriously and have had it reviewed by our Volvo Regional Reprentitive(unnamed). He has made the deterimination this is not a warrenty issue. We have no where else to escalate this; the Regional Managers decision is final.She goes on to state While we regret you may disagree with our decision,we repect you choice to pursue this matter as you see fit. Volvo Cars of North America appreciates the opportunity to respond to your concerns but is unable to review this matter any further. Well this is my first attemp as I see fit. Does anyone out there have a simular problem with their mirriors? If so please contact me at clydster@bellsouth.net and let me know so I can contact Betty and let her know. So we can let Volvo know they have a serious problem with mirrior defects. Thanks Clyde


Adam of Seattle, WA April 22, 2008

I have a 2002 Volvo V70 XC cross counntry wagon owned for a year and a half. I have had nothing but problems. An LED light on the defrost button went out in the console. Dealership told me it would cost around $350 to fix. The pump for the rear windshield wiper fluid failed. Cost $400 for parts and labor. It started making a loud rattling noise, so our local Volvo shop repaired it and replaced some cross bar underneath for around $250. Two rear seatbelt buckles stopped latching, and had to be replaced, ~$90 each. The driver's seat belt had a problem with the pretensioner, where it was stuck tight against the frame, and would not retract at all, $600 to replace the belt. The dashboard cup holder broke. Light bulbs front and rear have constantly gone out. And then the kicker, the transmission. A previous poster here wrote about his V70 slamming into gear when going from first to second or second to third. Bingo, that is exactly what happened to my car, and now the dealer says that the angle drive gear is worn down and that the transmission needs to be replaced, for around $3500. Unbelievable. And for a car where supposedly safety is a feature, to have the transmission slam and lunge the car forward, and having faulty seat belts (SEAT BELTS!) is alarming.

Patti of Greencastle, PA April 2, 2008

I bought a pre-owned 1999 Volvo S80 in September 2005. Since purchasing this vehicle three items have been on the recall list. I had to replace a ball joint and now I need to replace strutts on the passenger side and other small items (cupholder, alarm system quit working) In addition, last summer my drivier's side window stopped working and stopped in an angled position inside my door. When I closed my door in the park position, key turned off, in my driveway the steering wheel airbag, seat airbag, window shield airbag and side curtain airbag deployed. Luckily my son had just gotten out of the care but still managed to inhale some of the powder from the bag. When I phoned Volvo I was told by an extremely rude customer service representative/consutltant that this was not their problem and I must have really slammed the door to initiate airbag deployment. She also informed me she reported directly to the President of Volvo, Anne Belec. I phoned my insurance company and they said it was a malfunction and that is not covered under insurance. My agent phoned the office and had them come to look at the car because the damages to the car should be covered. Insurance agreed to pay for damages but not airbags. They said they had 8-10 claims for same issue and are holding Volvo responsible. Now I am back to calling Volvo which is who I originally started calling. They agreed to have an agent come look at the car at my dealership. Volvo finally agreed to fix my car which I was happy about but all told the process took seven weeks to complete from deployment to car being fixed. Yesterday, my passenger door window quit working. What a surprise since the driver's window quite working 9 months earlier. My passenger window is currently hanging precariously at a right angle inside my door. I phoned Volvo this morning to tell them this is obviously a faulty product due to this happening twice in 9 months. They informed me this was not a responsibility of theirs because my car is past it's 50,000 mile warranty and because my car is a 1999. What ever happend to Volvo putting out a quality product. I know cars that have power windows from the 60's that still work. I phoned highway safety and they have three other complaints logged regarding the window in addition to numerous complaints on the web. I wish I had kept my Mitsubishi Galant instead of purchasing their vehicle. I owned a 1982 Jetta that had less problems than this car it was 15 years old when I bought it. I will never recommend nor purchase another Volvo.

Andrew of Hershey, PA March 16, 2008

My 1999 S70 AWD was purchased for the safety record that Volvo so effectively markets. Now after 77,000 I am ready to pay someone to take it off my hands. My beef is with the faulty Aisin Warner 50-42 transmission that is used in this model (an others). My first problem started at 33K miles with hard shifting. Dealer performed Service Bulletin fix (new software update and new ATF that meets the JWS-3309 Spec). This worked well until 61K miles (out of warranty)when it started to happen again. Another ATF flush and refill and new sotftware. (Dealer put Dextron 3 in this time for some reason that is not JWS-3309 compliant). At 69K I discover that the car ROLLS WHEN IN PARK! Dealer says - Internal Failure - Replace Transmission. I contacted Volvo NA concerned about the liability issues surrounding this roll in park issue. Sorry out of warrenty. Per the Owners Service Manual - this transmission only requires that ATF levels be checked unless you tow with the vehicle. This is bull... I would have much rather done ATF changes every 25k than be faced with the $3,600 estimate to put in a Volvo remanufactured unit. It appears to me that Volvo has purposefully instructed their clients to not perform maintenance on a very expensive component that has a very high failure rate. I have never had this type of issue with any car I have owned in the past. I would welcome the opportunity to join a class action against Volvo to force them to make us whole on these repair costs.


Jacqueline of Killingworth, CT March 12, 2008

My husband and I purchased a 2003 VOLVO XC90 in November of 2007. It is a one owner vehicle that has always been serviced and maintained by a VOLVO dealership. All suggested maintenance was completed as well as any recalls. Today, with the car having 53000 miles on it, we were informed that it needs a new transmission as well as new axles. We have researched this problem online and it seems very common. Volvo thus far is being less than helpful and denies that there has been an issue with transmissions. Huh!!! Isn't the slogan VOLVO for Life? How about VOLVO for 50000 miles if you're lucky?!?! I think its time to start that class action suit....


Doug of Newport Beach, CA February 12, 2008

I ordered a new Volvo S80. On the day of delivery, I was shown a 2007 S80 for a test drive and inspection. After inspection, I was sent into the finance department to sign the documents when personal switched the inspected vehicle with another vehicle that had a front fender that had been repainted. I know this to be a fact because during my inspection of the vehicle I took photos of the car and it's window sticker containing the VIN number. After I took delivery of the 2007 Volvo S80 I noticed the paint did not match the other body panels. I brought the issue to the management's attention and now, seven months later they have done nothing to resolve the issue.


G. Mes of Amherst, NY February 4, 2008

The engine on my 2001 Volvo S60 seized with 56,000 mi. on it. Called Volvo Service since the oil light was on and I was advised that if there was oil in the car then it was o.k. to drive. The oil level was fine, I drove the car and after about 10 mi. the engine started making horrible noises and just came to a slow stop. I also have transmission problems. The service department says they can't find anything wrong with it. Upon acceleration, the car loses power and then suddenly jerks into gear. Light bulbs constantly out.


Susan of Buffalo Grove, IL February 4, 2008

Purchased a 2003 Volvo XC70 Cross Country brand new. Car was driven primarily in the Midwest including the Chicago area. It was not driven in the mountains or off-road. On a trip through central Illinois this winter we noticed the car would lose power when accelerating at the on-ramp. We stopped at the closest car dealer, Ford, in a small town. We talked with the Service Manager who could not help us but looked up Volvo dealerships in the closest city, St. Louis, over an hour away. He persuaded us to continue driving to St. Louis. We crossed our fingers and made it to the Brentwood dealership where our car stalled at the Service entrance. We learned we needed a new transmission for $4100. This on a road trip to be at the side of a dying parent. Dealership had a rental car waiting for us, all details handled expeditiously. However, our complaint is that this car is supposed to last, meaning a $4,100 repair is exorbitant at four years old, and totally contrary to the reliable, dependable, safe image Volvo has worked hard to market. We had previously planned to purchase a second Volvo this Spring. Our neighbor drives a twenty-three year old Toyota and has only required typical maintenance. After the fact we learned from reading Consumer Reports that our year Volvo has a poor rating for transmission problem. Would have been nice of Volvo to offer some type of rebate for this known defect rather than lose customers.


Jerry of Plymouth, MN January 30, 2008

They are SERIOUSLY telling me that the car I bought in Minnesota that was made in Sweden is SUPPOSED to take 20-30 minutes to warm up enough that my XC90 will actually go into reverse and then be driven when it is below zero. I mean it says so in the owners manual.

Jason of Raleigh, NC January 22, 2008

I will have had my Volvo S80 for two years this summer and have never hated a car more than this one. To give you a quick glimpse into my history with cars, just in the past six years I have had 4 cars, so to say the Volvo is the worst means a lot. As soon as the car reached 50,000 miles, which coincidentially is the exact time the warranty expired, things started going wrong. It all started with my transmission breaking...no lights, no warnings, just me only able to go into reverse. So, after close to a $4,000 bill I started driving the car for about a month and realize that there is an awful noise coming from the front passenger wheel. I go and pay another $100 for the diagnosis and they tell me that I have to replace my front strut mounts, which with an allignment will run close to $900. I thought this was insult to injury...as I am driving (one week mind you after the most recent repair) out of my garage I hear glass breaking...I was like oh damn what have I hit. Well, my side mirror decides to fall off and shatters on the ground into 5400 pieces. So, take it back in and have them replace the mirror. Now, a few weeks later I have to replace my brake pads and no joke...yesterday on the way to work my check engine light is on. It pains me to see people driving down the road in like a 1986 ford and assumingly sans car problems, but yet a close to $50,000 car is falling apart right under me. If anyone is reading this and is considering buying a Volvo...please DO NOT! I am making it my life's mission to convince everyone I know to never buy a Volvo! Buy a Lexus!

John of Sunnyside, NY November 20, 2007

The meaning of the Volvo name has charged drastically in the last 10 years. I cannot claim a fire with my 1999 V70, but the thing costs around $1000 /year in normal maintenance. The dealership would not own up to any product responsibility during the warranty years. the car I received is flawed very basically. The electrical system is constantly producing new phenomena that the dealership is either unable or unwilling to address. Two years after i bought the car a squeek developed in the dashboard because it had become loose. For two years they denied hearing the noise in the test drive, when the four year warranty ended they could hear it and advised me that it was an enormously expensive job.

It has several sets of headlights, tail light and signals replaced due to blown bulbs (recalled at various times), the door lock controllers have all been replaced ( fronts recalled I believe), as have half the window controls. I saw smoke come out of the drivers door lock or window control once, they tryed to tell me I didn't. The warning lights go on randomly , service engine, engine temp light. this was on and off for 2 years resulting in replacing the radiator. The temp light went back on on the way home. they then did somthing and it hasnt come on again. that was a year ago, it came on again yesterday. This light came on shortly after the service engine, ABS (brake) light , and skid control light last Friday.

They came on as I made a left turn and the ABS system engaged as if i was in an emergency stop condition. Since then when ever I start the car the ABS engages (in park) until I stomp down on the brake several times. a few years ago the parking lights would not go off. so I parked it in the garage and returned 2 hours later, thinking the circuit may dry our or somthing and the light would go off. the lights began to melt the plastic lenses so I had to pull the fuse. The switches and electrical circuitry is incredibly poorly put together with the cheapest materials. the head light switch broke in my hand when I turned them off once, but it broke into a dozen pieces. all the climate control switches and knobs have developed a soft coating like the plastic is melting, I can peal off layers of plastic on all these if I wished.

The top of the steering wheel , exposed to the sunlight, is degrading, like pitting. The computer throttle control was recently recalled. Before that the car got about 15-19 miles / gal no matter how or where you drove. now it gets about 15 city and 22 highway. but the 'timing' or the computer equivalent, is now (appearing to be) advancing to the point were it is difficult to crank the engine upon starting. T

he Battery has been replaced the second week of February every other (two) year ever since I drove this thing off the lot. There has always been voltage leaks in the electrical harness, and everyone knows that this is one problem the dealership will not tough. The car ( did I mention a 1999 V70) has a radio that picks up engine (EMF) noise on all the AM stations, along with the signal light clicking. I haven had a problem like this since the 1968 Chevy, when I bought a choke from Radio Shack to prevent it.

Now this is a ( I don't know... $1000) radio that needs a code punching after the battery is changed as a security measure of it wont work if it gets stolen. I would say that a full 1/3 of the owners manual is devoted to this radio system. Cold air comes in the driverside door through the window and lock control panel. I asked the dealership to look at it, and they sprayed foam or something into it, now the windows are running slower and a streak has developed on the glass presumably from the drive mechanism that controls the window movement. There is always cold air coming through under the dash during the winter, the dealership says it the 'flow-through air' system, I have just cranked up the heat there in the winter.

The front has gon through 2 sets of struts, and the plw profile mags (statndard on this model) are inappropriate in the potholes in the City. the car has less than 60,000 miles and has gon throught 8 tires 6 of these on the front. One of the mags has now begun to corode, the finishing ( like brushed stainless steel) arounf the center is pealing like paint. these are actually standard carbon steel (mags?) with a coating. This is the car that I spent (probably) $15,000 more than I should have, as opposed to a regular domestic model, that I would have been having similar problems after seven years. But then Foard bought a chunk the year before I bought it, I hear similar stories from Mercedes owners with Chrysler. Upon reflection the insides of my car dash is the same as a Ford Torus.

I thought the additional $15000 would have given me 10 years free of major problems, then maybe become more expensive to maintain. The plan for this car was to attempt to keep it for twenty years. Its readily becoming apparent that this may not last 10-12 years. My mothers volvo is 15 years old and running fine.I just want to document my disgust with this product and how it was corporately driven into the ground. their answer each year is more expensive systems controlling airbags, brake and steering, and yet the Volvo name is now off the list of safe-est cars.

Keesha of Hampton, VA November 8, 2007

I purchased my VOLVO S60 2001 ON 03/01/2004. I bought this car because I had previously been in a terrible car accident without my son in the car. I took the chance of purchasing a vehicle I new would be expensive for basic upkeep/maintence, but out lives are more important to me than money. And I do not have a lot of it being a single parent. I wanted the car because record had it that the volvo was the safest vehicles with all the air bags! In September my brake lights went out. The volvo dealership said the problem was a relay switch which the cost was under $50. Oh by the way, the day I went in for the check on those lights, I informed the manager that I believed my warrenty had expired because of notices in the mail. He said no I had up to 100,000 miles. When he totaled my bill he said I did not have to pay the $50 deductible because the cost was under $50. On Nov.5, my heater was blowing on and off every 20-30 minutes. I took it to the volvo dealership assuming I still had the warrenty. They said it needed an a/c blower motor fan and resistor. He called while the car was in the shop, the cost was $625 plus tax,parts,and labor. I explained, What about my warrenty? He then told me it expired in July 07 and that the diagonstic charge was $96 if I couldnt pay to fix it. I vented my issue back to the same manager. He agreed not to charge me anything that day. My warrenty expired in July 07. They say the warrenty begins from the date of the original owner not when I bought the car. Anyway after reading all the complaints, I will take the lose and look for a new vehicle even though the car depreciated $2000.


Arie of Carlsbad, CA November 6, 2007

I started leasing my 2004.5 Volvo S40 (2.4i) in 2004. The minute I drove the car off the lot, the problems started. As soon as I turned the car on, the check engine light was on. The car only had 19 miles! My brand new car was in the dealer's shop the first two days I owned it. Next, my immobilizer would come on randomly, so I couldn't start my car, the windshield wipers came on randomly while I was driving and wouldn't turn off even when I turned the car off and pulled the key out, the passenger air bag sensor was misscalibrated, the exterior temperature gauge was misscalibrated and probably other things I can't remember. My car was in the shop for 26 days two months after I signed the lease. Now, at 60,000 miles, my air conditioner compressor is completely shot - it will cost $1,100 to replace - so I've chosen to suffer through the summer until my lease ends next year. I've also had other assorted problems which were, fortunately, covered under warranty. I should have lemoned my car after that first 26 days in the shop. Now I'm afraid it's probably too late.


Elizabeth of Ashburn, VA October 31, 2007

We are the original owners of a 2001 Volvo S60 T5. It now has a little less than 71,000 miles on it - relatively low mileage on a 6+ year old car. In June 2007 we had to replace the alternator for a cost of $1,100. In September 2007 we had to replace the transmission for a cost of $3,289. Today we received word the fuel pump needs to be replaced at a cost of $1,000.

Michielle of Sunnyvale, CA October 11, 2007


I spoke with a Volvo Increased Protection agent on 10/10/07 regarding my latest repair work on my 2001 S80. She informed me that the repairs would not be covered under the warranty plan as I had not pre-authorized the repairs first. I told her that the warranty card that I was sent had an expiration date of 3/25/07 so we thought the warranty had expired according to the info that Volvo sent us.

The agent then told me the expiration date is 3/25/09 or 100,000 miles and that the info on the card we had was incorrect. She would be sending out new cards to reflect the correct expiration date. Because of the incorrect cards that Volvo sent us, we had to pay $741.51 for the repairs that should have been covered under warranty. I understand that a pre-authorization needs to take place before any repairs but as you can see, this did not take place due to the incorrect date on our warranty card. If we had the correct expiration date on the card, Scandia Auto Service would have done the pre-auth.



Cynthia of Canton, NY October 9, 2007

I purchased my car in November of 2004 a 2001 xc70. I had the nightmare ETM and finally got it replaced. Then this past spring I brought my car in for the transmission computer upgrade only to be told at under 80,000 that I need a new transmission;like some hearts aren't made to last a lifetime that my car needs a heart transplant.... For 5,000 dollars. So finally after looking for a transmission I took the car to Aamaco who got a reconditioned transmission from Volvo. The total was 3100 dollars, with a one year warranty. My guess is this is another substandard product (transmission) by just looking at all of the Volvo owners who have had to pay for new transmissions. I think there needs to be another class action law suit like they did in California with the Electronic Throttle Module. I am going to send another letter to Volvo asking to be reimbursed and cc in the Attorney General and you all at consumer affairs. I guess the huge issue is safety and the transmissions going out while on the road.I have been so terribly disappointed in this vehicle. I bought it for safety and reliability and have had nothing but problems. What a shame they are not taking care of major manufacturing defects. I have had near misses with the ETM. I am a single parent who could really use some advocacy.

Christine of Shreveport, LA October 8, 2007

1999 S70. 94,000 miles. ABS module went out. Various warning lights lit up on dash. Odometer and speeedometer would go blank. Speed sensor not working and car would struggle to shift out of first gear. ABS module replaced. Had ETM module replaced 2 years ago for about same price.... what's next

Elizabeth of Merion, PA September 29, 2007

I have a '01 V70 with low miles (61000). I had the Electronic Throttle Module recall repair done on the car in the winter of '07 and get regular service...in fact, we just had our 60,000 mile maintenance done on Thurs. and this evening our car went into LIMP HOME mode on the busy Schuykill Expressway outside of Phila. We are terribly lucky that traffic was already slowing to a crawl and we were able to get it to an exit very quickly (although we ended up in a very sketchy neighborhood). It was a harrowing experience and although I do not yet know what is wrong, I have a sinking feeling that I will end up like many others with similar problems...new transmission and/or whatever else the dealer can cook up. I thought there was a class action suit against Ford/Volvo over the alleged repair of the ETM. Where does this stand? What is your recourse if a recall does not actually fix the problem? It would seem the government should be involved as well as doesn't the NTSB oversee these official recalls? HELP!

Karen of Atlanta, GA September 12, 2007

I lost my last key to my Volvo S70. I contacted the dealership only to find out I had to come to the store to prove ownership of the car before I could order one. I found out the cost would be $104 for the key and another $230 for the remote. But what really disturbed me was the fact that I had to tow the car to the dealership to have the car hooked up to the computer to program both the remote and the key. I have a mechanic who was already going to replace three parts for me. Now, I can't have anything done until I come up with $500.00 for a key.


Judith of Brooklyn, NY September 6, 2007

I purchased a new Volvo in 2002. I had numerous complaints, and took it into the dealer, while still under warranty. The complaints were never resolved. The back doors never closed well unless they were banged shut. The radio developed static on all stations, unless the lock buttons were pressed and then it was playing well for a few minutes. The lights were always burning out, and the covers were filled with water, especially after a rainy day. These were supposed to be repaired or replaced, but never were. The car jerked while moving in slow traffic. The brakes needed replacement at my expense, after only 10,000 miles. The tires needed replacing as well. After going to the dealer so many times and not getting anything accomplished, the warranty period ended.I then took it to a private mechanic, who is in the process of changing the lights, and checking it out, at my expense. However, he says he doubts the radio can be repaired, or the doors made to close properly. Why should this be the case, on an almost new car, that has maybe 16,000 miles on it? A radio is not a luxury item, why cant I hear the AM news radio without static? This is very annoying, and I was wondering if you could help me. I called Volvo direct, and the best they offered me was a 30% REBATE on the parts used in the repair, up to $200. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Glenn of Seattle, WA August 27, 2007

1999 Volvo XC70 ABS ECU Failure. Causes intermittent failure of the Speedometer, Odometer, places transmission into limp mode.

Allison of Lake Steves, WA July 24, 2007

I hate to add to the list of complaints about the 2000 Volvo S80 since I will likely need to unload one soon. However, I am seeing a consistant list of problems that I have suffered through, too. Where to start? How about the many times the car refused to? On MULTIPLE occassions I've had to have the car towed to the dealer because it went into limp mode in the middle of the road. I got a software download from the service dept and was sent back on my way to have near miss after near miss resulting from my randomly dying car. When I went back with the knowledge that his had been the subject of a recall that they were aware of I got a sorry for the inconvenience we'll fix it this time. Hmm, were you just faking it all those other times?. What is up with the headlamps, tail-lights, perimeter lights and anything else that lights in this car? I keep a box of various bulbs in the trunk because I can't go 1,000mi's w/out something burning out. (Includng my patience.) Burning - fortunately my car has NOT (yet) burst into flames, however, today I was told I have one of those piched fuel lines and a seal that is leaking oil onto my engine. I may have isolated the problem everyone is having in advance of having it myself, but it's certainly gonna cost me. Did I mention the defective seatbelt, steering wheel adjustment arm that broke off right after I got the car, the pop-up drink holder that pops off, the myriad warning lights that I've been told to ignore - they mean nothing - that I'm afraid will have cried wolf one time too many now that my car is over 100K mi's. It might finally be telling me something but I will have tuned it out like a whiny teenager. The front driver's side wheel eat the bolts that hold it onto the car. Ask the people at Les Schwaub to see the shaved-metal remnants I've left behind after seeking their help when yet another strange thing has happened to my $40K car. So did this all start happening when they were acquired by Ford? Timing seems about the same and other companies seem to handle defects similarly. At least it's still pretty.


Jennifer of Glendale, AZ July 14, 2007

I drive a 2003 Volvo C70 in May of 2006. I really loved my carand had no problems. On Monday I was involved in a major collision. I rear ended a car at a rate of 30 plus miles an hour. I was taken to the hospital with head,facial,neck and back injuries. I am now on a 2 month temperary disability while seeing the doctor 4xs a week. My complaint the roll bars deployed, I have a 13,000 dollar front end damage repair estimant and NO AIR BAG DEPLOYED!!! All emergency personal were amazed that given the amount of damage that the safest car made?? Deployed its roll bars and not air bags. I have been told that air bags would have made all the differance in my injuries.


Sandra L. Strunk-Sosalla of Marion, IA July 9, 2007

I have been experiencing problems with the transmission of my car. It has been slipping, surging, balking and bucking in to gear intermittently. I had my mechanic diagnose the problem. He informed me it was a common problem with transmissions of my make and model. I contacted Volvo's customer relations department. They informed me I needed to have it diagnosed by a Volvo dealer. I did.

They loaded new software to try and solve the problem, noting that it may be an internal transmission problem. I phoned the local Volvo dealership in Cedar Rapids to inform them the car was still exhibitting its original problems. I was told it takes the transmission time to relearn the program and to give it some time. I did this and the problem still exists. I had Junge Volvo re-evaluate the problem and they informed me I needed a new transmission.

I had Volvo consumer relations send all of the information on to their regional manager John Vitor to review for consideration for cost assistance for its repair due to the low mileage of the vehicle and it barely being beyond its warranty. Assistance was denied. I was not informed of this. I had to once again call their customer relations department to inquire about my case. It was then I was informed of the denial of assistance. I did some research on line regarding transmission problems others may have experienced with the same car.

The problems and complaints are ABUNDANT and Vovlo is quite aware of the issue. I even found a statement from an employee from a volvo dealership in North Carolina confirming Volvo's knowledge of this problem with S60 and V70 transmissions. As a Volvo tech he has had to address this problem a number of times. I think Volvo is taking complete advantage of it's trusting consumers saddling them with these money sieves. In my opinion they are conducting business fraudulently by knowingly selling this faulty product.


Jennifer of Springfield, NJ June 23, 2007

We bought a 2003 Cross Country with 65,000 miles on it. Test drove fine, seemed in great condition. Jeff, the dealer, talked us into buying the 4-year warranty from the Eagle Warranty Corporation. He said they don't cover everything, but everything major. By signing up for that warranty, we signed a release that waived all dealer responsibility--for anything. Two days after we brought the car home, it wouldn't start. We assumed that the expensive warranty policy would cover it, though we had not received the package from Eagle Warranty yet--it was still in the mail. We had the car towed to our local mechanic, and $400 later, it still wasn't fixed. So we had the car towed to our local Volvo dealer. He had to replace the main computer module. $2000. When we called Eagle Warranty, we found out that it was not covered by Eagle Warranty. And since Jeff had covered himself with that waiver, we got stuck with paying it all.

Peter of Sebastopol, CA June 18, 2007

2000 S80 T6. The worst car that I have ever owned. I have replaced just about every part on this car. Radiator, Cooling fans, ABS control module, Air Mass Controlor / sensor, ball joints, motor mounts, the entire fuel injection system wireing, sun roof, steering wheel almost fell off it was so loose. The car has 96,000 very gentle miles on it. It rattles, squeeks and now won't even let you turn the key on. (Obviously it is in the garage and you can't put the beast in neutral and roll it out for the tow truck to take it anywhere but my place. If I were working for Volvo, I would run and hide.

Eric of Miami, FL May 29, 2007

Well we leased a 2005 Volvo s40 2.4i in April of 2005 and this car has been nothing but trouble. Starting off back on August 29th 2005 the car would not start. When i took it into service they stated that the car has water damage and now the whole motor needs to be replaced. Therefore we had to pay a huge deductible. Then back on November 5th 2006 the car would not start. I made the call for a jump start and it was fine until the next day. November 6th 2006 I had to call Volvo roadside again for a tow because it was not starting again. I was stranded for 2 hours.

December 1, 2006 The car did not start again due to electrical issues. December 12th 2006 received a jump start which was not effective. February 14 2007 the car won’t start towed back to deel Volvo. May 16th 2007 the motor mount broke therefore dropping the motor onto my axle and making me lose control while i was in motion. I was with my grandmother of 69 years of age which recently underwent surgery. I was taking her to the doctor when this happened. She nearly had a heart attack. Due to the vibrations and sounds we experienced when this happened she was shocked. She was in a total panic situation. Our lives were at risk that day. I call volvo roadside, they come pick my car up and take it to Deel Volvo.

I tried explaining that I was not feeling safe in this car anymore. Armando Ponce said that he can get me out of my current lease and put me into a new Volvo ,but the pay off will remain. This isn't sufficient why would I have to pay for this. I don't feel safe in this car anymore. Now it gets better May 29th 2007 I pick up my car from the previous incident and they state that it's ready. I picked it up and as I'm driving the car suddenly stops driving. It's like if i'm in neutral the whole time. Again i lost total power and i was obstructing traffic. I had to push my car for nearly 8 blocks. I am extremely afraid to drive this car and i feel that my life is at risk.

Patricia of Burr Ridge, IL April 28, 2007

I am the first owner of a 2004 Volvo XC90. Currently with 69,000 miles. Less than 20,000 miles ago, both bearings needed to be replaced and the Volvo dealership replaced them at no charge because the car was barely over the warranty. Now both bearings again need to be replaced. The charge is $1300 and the Volvo dealership offered a 20% discount off the $1300.

I am insisting that Volvo pick up the fee and in writing state the bearings are guaranteed for 100,000 miles. On my own, I have found out that the 2004 XC90 has a problem with bearings -Volvo was not honest disclosing this to me but admitted it after I told them I knew about it. Still so far they are not willing to cover the cost of their faulty equipment. By the way, I was blown off by Frank at Volvo Customer Service 800-458-1552, extension1981.

He told me on 4/23/07 he would discuss the bearings cost with the Volvo Field Rep and the Rep's decision could take 3-5 days. On 4/27/07 when my husband called Frank regarding the decision, Frank had not called the rep and told my husband he called the dealership and the dealership would give us a 20% discount. I had told Frank that in our initial conversation. I am going to sell the Volvo if this is not resolved. The next car I buy will be a GM with a 100,000 mile warranty.

Mike of Kennebunk, ME April 10, 2007

We own a 2003 xc 90 with 95,000 miles on it. I'm being told that we need a new transmission. I don't believe this is happening. Every time we take it in it is something else. We had to put $13,000 into new turbos about a year ago, b/c the dealer said we had not changed the oil for a long time, even though the car had been in for a full service a month or so before that. I asked why no one saw it and they said that it was not their responsibility to maintain levels of oil. I assumed a full service meant checking the oil. I decided to live with it b/c we moved to maine and i got lazy, but since we have been up here it has gone down hill since then. And now i need a new transmission. For $50,000 i derserve care that does better than that. CAn anyone help? I am willing to invest time in legal action if there seems to warrant it.



Robert B. Levine of Rockville Centre, NY April 9, 2007

I purchased a new 2001 Volvo V70 and because of a great deal of unpleasantness in the delivery process vowed never to give that dealer any future business of any kind. I have had the car regularly serviced and maintained by a very reputable local mechanic who has serviced my family's cars for many years.

The mechanic knows when he sees me drive up with the Volvo that it is almost certain that he is going to be replacing a burnt out bulb. With only 37,000 miles on this car I have replaced headlamps three times and every other bulb including the license plate bulbs at least once. A number of the rear bulbs have been replaced several times.

On one occasion, on the recommendation of Volvo my mechanic replace3d evry rear bulb good and bad. Notwithstanding my constant comment that there has to be an electrical problem my mechanic seems to believe this is not the case. Recently, someone I met stated that he understood this was a problem with all 2000 and 2001 Volvos, at least the station wagons.I also have intermittent problems with the door locks and the alrm sytem.

The computer read outs for gas mileage, etc. has never worked properly from day 1 but I ultimately gave up on getting it to work right on the ground that the process was more trouble than it was worth.From now on I will stick only to Toyota products, which I have never had the slightest complaint about.



Keith R. Goss of Lancaster, PA April 5, 2007

I currently own a 2004 Volvo XC90. I have had a comfortable and safe experience since purchasing it in April 2004. However, there have been a number of issues that are of great disappointment. Both left and right wheel bearings failed so far in addition to my latest critical problem; transmission failure. The vehicle has 87,000 miles on it.

The first wheel bearing was covered under warranty at approximately 35,000 miles. The second bearing went at approximately 70,000 miles, which I was responsible for. I have had 8 new cars previously and I have never had to replace a wheel bearing or a transmission in any of the eight vehicles. Now with this situation arising, we have major concerns of the quality Volvo is putting out to the consumers.

I can assure you we have done all the recommended maintenance through our dealership, Stadel Volvo in East Petersburg, PA and we have the records to prove it. I just am having a hard time excepting that I need to replace a transmission @ $3,800.00 on a fairly new $45,000.00 vehicle. It does not sit well and I think I have been taken advantage of.



John of Athens,, GA March 31, 2007

2001 V70, Transmission Failure, 112K miles, transmission solenoid culprit. Cost - $6750 to repair.

Maria of Portland, CT February 8, 2007

The Volvo V70 had a significant problem with it's electronic throttle system.....I bought a 2001 V70 and spent 3 years paying for a variety of things..car had massive hesitation issues, then the dash board lights kept going off/on, then I replaced bulbs every month!

Then, my the passenger side door/window stopped working (more money spent to try to fix), then the temp guage on dash went out, but the car began not hesitating as much....this is when the recall came out. I did it. It fixed EVERYTHING! Now, not nearnly a year later and it is all starting over...I have an appointment with a dealer who is already telling me that it may not be this problem...I WILL NOT SPEND MORE MONEY!



Jennifer of Marietta, GA January 25, 2007

I am leasing a 2004 Volvo S60 2.5T. Lease is up in June. 11 months ago at 35K miles (still under warranty)my transmission slipped and needed to be serviced (light came on). I brought it in to Nalley Volvo to be serviced. They patched the problem by flushing trans fluid and updating computer, etc. Well now at 52K (2k miles over warranty).. guess what?!!.. same thing is happening and they are telling me that I need to replace the transmission!! Why didn't they do it at 32K miles when the same problem was occuring? I am so mad!!!

This will cost me around $6,000 probably (don't know exactly yet). Keep in mind that my lease is up in 5 months.


Eric of San Antonio, TX December 19, 2006

The high-end factory-installed CD player in my 2001 Volvo V70 jammed with three CDs in it (it holds four). There is no way to force the unit to eject, so I brought it to the dealer for troubleshooting. I had the service done while I waited. Two hours later a technician came to tell me that they'd checked things out and would have to order a new unit, after which the jammed discs would be returned to me. Upon returning to my car, I noticed with some dismay that the dust pattern on the radio and dash had not even been disturbed.

I called the service advisor and was told that all that had been done was for the technician to turn the car on, push eject, and confirm that no discs came out. I was furious at this ... why had I waited over two hours for someone to tell me what I already knew? I waited a few weeks for the new radio unit to come in to the dealer, then had the car serviced to install the new radio. I was told that the old jammed CDs could not be retrieved by the dealership, but that the unit would be sent in to the factory and the CDs would be returned to me in 4-6 weeks. It's now been over 6 weeks, so I called the dealership to see what was up.

They now tell me it can take up to one year to receive CDs back, and they have no way to check on the status of this. Had I known this, I would have asked for the unit back myself so I could dig the CDs out.



David of Randolph, NJ December 17, 2006

Just purchased a brand new Volvo XC90 on Friday, 12/15/06. Drove it a day and a half (12/17/06), when another car on the road blinked its lights and told us we had a huge gas leak. We pulled off and called for assistance. The car smells like gasoline. Terrible! This is a brand new vehicle (6 miles when I took it off the lot, 130 at the time of the event). Gas was pouring out from under the passenger side of the vehicle. I have never owned a new car that was so dangerous. My wife and two kids are fine. The car was flat bed towed to our dealership.

I am bringing them the keys and cancelled by security deposit check. Let them sue me, I will counter sue. This car is a tinder box waiting to explode and won't risk my family's life. We all felt sick from the gas fumes although we didn't go to the hospital.


Roy of Memphis, TN December 14, 2006

Own a volvo s60 with 47,000 miles ....just learned the transmission is going out....Volvo will not warranty this repair because the 4 year warranty expired in January of 2006. So the most important item in the warranty, the mileage is being ignored... This is my third and LAST volvo that i will ever own.



Elaine of Owings, MD December 13, 2006

My l990 Volvo burst into flames while it. was parked ina friend yard. The car was not even running. How fortunate I was that someone passing by knocked on the door and called the fire department. Was there a recall of this car? How can I be conpensated?



Heather of Kirkland, WA December 7, 2006

Volvo S60 2001, don't buy one. ALready having to replace transmission. These cars clearly have a manufacturing issue.

$3,000.00+ to be repaired.


Petressee of Detroit, MI October 23, 2006

On October 6, 2006, I took my 2001 s80 to the Volvo dealer because my car stalled on the expressway. It surged until it completely stopped. The mechanic completed the Crank Vent Cleaning for a charge of $575.00 along with $248.00 in parts and a basic lube oil and filter change $29.95 Total 928.00 On October 7, the oil light came on and STOP engine light. I made it back to the dealer and the Service Advisor stated that if the light goes off there is nothing to worry about. On October 20, my car stalled again on the express way, I had the car towed back to the dealer, just to find out that there was a hole in my engine and the cost would be $5,200 for used engine. I feel that the service department took advantage of me because of my lack of knowledge on repairing cars and stated that it was MY FAULT. I sincerely trusted the dealer in all repairs of my car and based on the money I had already spent the could have at the LEAST CHECKED THE ENGINE and made notations for corrections when they released the car on the initial repair on Oct. 6, 2006.



Frances E. Hamilton of Solon, OH October 23, 2006

On 8-23-06 my husband drove my 2000 S80 for a short trip across town. On the return trip he noticed the transmission would not allow him to accelerate. The car said to check engine. Also it read engine trouble urgent. I took my vehicle into Motorcars Volvo on Rockside Road. I was chared $103 to advise me that I need a new transmission. I left the dealership and called Consumer Service. I spoke with Margaret and after a play on words she advised me a field rep would call me

Motorcars Volvo said it would cost $4600. I'm waiting on a call from the Volvo Rep. Keep in mind that I have paid for the throttle problem and the ABS problem. I don't drive the car every day because it is not a positive reflection to my business. It has been serviced and maintained as according to Volvo's schedule. I am waiting for a Volvo rep to call me, but based on all the reports I've read on the web I'm going to reserve my opinion.


Tony of Thousand Oaks, CA October 10, 2006


I am the original owner of a 2001 Volvo V70 Station Wagon. I have brought this vehicle back to the dealer numerous times, to have them check and repair the slipping transmission. The slip occurs between first and second, and between second and third gears. When it slips, the automatic transmission goes into clutch mode, and no power is transmitted to the wheels; the engine just revs up for a few seconds, then the transmission grabs with a slam. I have told the dealer that this could be very dangerous during a left turn, or during slippery road conditions.

They deny that the slip occurs, and have downloaded updated programming into the cars computer in an attempt to make it shift better. I told them the slip feels like someone stepped on a clutch for a few seconds, but to no avail. I purchased an extended warranty, and currently only have 56K miles on the car. It has slipped since it had about 10K miles.

No accidents yet, but I fear making left turns, since the slip could result in total loss of power to the wheels while the automatic transmission shifts from 1st to 2nd gear. I have told the service technicians at Volvo of this concern, but they have not resolved the problem.


Matt of Burbank, CA October 2, 2006

For those of you considering a Volvo S-80, don't!! We have had ours since new in 1999. It made it to 110K miles - all freeway between the Valley and the Westside. In that time we have replaced the transmission twice...once at 36K miles and again at 92K miles - this one was out of our pocket to the tune of $4500. It has also developed a series of transmission fluid leaks since 50K miles - the seals have been replaced 8 times by the dealer and independent factory-trained techs - still no improvement. Also since 25K miles we have learned to live with permanent check engine or emission control warning lights. We would like it to make it 2,500 miles between oil changes before a warning light or message appears. Finally, we have replaced the motor mounts 3 times in the first 75K miles.



Jane of Keswick, VA August 4, 2006

I purchased a new 2001 Volvo S 40 in July 2001. The car is driven my me, to work and back, about 40 miles a day. It has less than 45,000 miles on it. Today, I was told by the local Volvo dealer that it needs a new transmission. I am appalled by the news, having had the car in for every scheduled maintenance (I have the records and the bills), as well as the oil changed every 3,000 miles. The car was bought in Vermont and serviced in Vermont by a Volvo dealer for the past 5 years. In December 2005, I moved to Virginia and had the car serviced at the Charlottesville Volvo dealer for an oil change in April. At that time, they attempted to diagnose the problem -- a noise that was intermittent that might be an axle problem. Recently, the noise became permanent and lo and behold, it wasn't an axle problem but a transmission problem.

I have not yet heard from Volvo North America. I have also sent a request to Almartin Volvo in Vermont. The estimate for the transmission is over $3300.


Catherine M. George of Salem, NH July 10, 2006

I was involved in a high speed accident on June 24 2006. I was driving a 1995 960 Volvo....After crashing into the car in front of me going approximately 60 miles a hour my air bag failed to deploy...After looking this up...Back in Nov. 1994 Volvo recalled 132 1995 960 Volvos for (guess what?) Failure of frontal air bag to deploy...After reporting this to Pat Sacus...Product Investigator Coordinator of Volvo....She said I am sorry,  you are mistaken However, after I informed her of the NHSTA Campaign ID number(94V215000)(in regards to the recall) she decided to investigate it. I am currantly waiting a reply

Neck Trama....Not only did I hit the car in front of me going fast--BUT I was hit from behind by a car also traveling fast. This was on I-93. The accident was caused by an  idiot stopped for a turtle in the FAST LANE.


Benno of Hendersonville, NC May 31, 2006

We purchased a 2000 Volvo S80 and it currently has 85,000 miles on it. In the past two years we have had to replace the alternator, a few electrical control modules, the drivers window track will not roll up or down, replaced the throttle body, the passenger headlight will go out at random, and of course three separate warning lights come on at random: ABS, Oxygen Sensor, & Traction control. I believe this an electrical design flaw. Understandably, some parts will need to be replaced over time. But one minute everything is fine and the next it's not. In the past year I have spent over $2600 in problems that shouldn't be happening.

Debra of Hauppauge NY (11/17/03):
This is the first and last Volvo I will ever have. I will never recommend one! I have a 2001 S40 with 30,000 miles on it. I have had nothing but problems with the brakes and headlamps. I have replaced the front brakes and rotors three times. I have replaced the rear rotors once and the pads twice. The headlamps constantly blow out. I wrote Volvo and they tell me the brakes go because of the material they use. apparently it is soft. Too bad they did not tell me I would incur these expenses before I leased it! I am on a lease that expires June 2005. Is there any way I can get out of it with all the problems I am having? I have had many cars in the past and never replaced the brakes as I do with this Volvo.

Debra should consult a Lemon Law attorney in her area.

Richard of Huntington NY (11/16/03):
I leased a new 2002 Volvo v70 in April of 2002. The car has approximately 19,000 miles on it. Since we leased the car, it has been in the shop 7 times. The brake pedal position sensor broke twice (causing the check engine light to go on). The power steering pump began to leak within months of obtaining the car.

Most troubling, however, is the fact that the power locks have broken 4 times. At times, the locks would unlock by themselves, leaving my family at risk of a carjacking. At other times, we cannot unlock the door locks -- surely a dangerous situation in an accident or if the car is accidently driven into a body of water. I have contacted Volvo Corporate three times (once on the phone and two times by letter).

The "customer services" representative on the phone didn't seem to care, despite her acknowledgement that these have been common problems with this car. The dealer told me to contact the President of Volvo, Vic Doolan. I have sent to letters to him and have received no response whatsoever. I desperately want out of my lease, as I believe this car is a hazard.

Richard should also consult a Lemon Law attorney.

Vic of Santa Monica CA (9/25/03):
Purchased a new Volvo 2004 XC90. After 250 miles on the car it started to make knocking noises in the transmission and suspension. The vehicle rattles and the brakes grind. I have taken the vehicle in for service 3 times. Volvo reps claim this is up to Volvo standards. They basically refuse to fix these issues.

Volvo sold me a car I'm not happy with and my car buying experience was a huge dissapointment. I want to return the car for a full refund.

Sandy of Edmonton AB, Canada (8/23/03):
I have a 1999 S80 T6. It has had many minor problems while under warranty. We were transferred from Louisiana to Canada & drove up, no problem, but we used up our warranty. After a year here our transmission started burning up. It would get stuck in 3rd gear. It would cycle often & hunt for gears. Volvo said to watch it. It continued to do this. They said they needed to change the transmission & it would take $4,400 Canadian & it would take 3 weeks for the new transmission to come in.

An independant transmission shop said they could fix it for half of that price & start the next day. They showed me the dipstick that the transmission fluid was charcoal colored. We had vacation, needing a car in 4 weeks so we had it fixed by the transmission shop. Now the transmission works fine but the car does not want to start. The tachometer spikes & the starter does not get gas or spark, most of the time. It usually starts after 6 long tries. The dealer told me the transmission shop installed the transmissions in the wrong position. Horizontally instead of transverse. They could re-orient it for $1,000 C.

While it was there it developed the starting problem. They were not able to solve it & referred us to a private shop that works on Volvos. They were not able to fix it. After 1 month my car is back at the transmission shop & they might have found the problem, something to do with the battery cable. They say they tried a longer battery cable on it & it seems to start normally. I won't believe it until I get it back & it actually works. They are charging up the battery because the long starts was draining the battery.

A $45,000 US car that does not want to start & no one could figure out why. WE are extremely aggravated with volvo. Volvo canada told us the estimate from the dealer was high but they could do nothing about it. Volvo canada said they had traveling experts to help with difficult cases. My dealer did not offer us that option.

Harris of Bridgewater NJ (6/8/03):
At 51,000 miles the car did not run smoothly. The dealer indicated that motor control system died and the gas sensor went bad. Electronic parts should last at least 10 years or 100,000 miles. The dealer had the parts in stock which meant that there was a design defect and this happened often to other volvos since dealers do not stock parts that seldom fail.

The parts and labor cost over $1000 and Volvo said that there was no design defect. Volvo said that the electronic problems that Volvo cars had(as told in Consumer's Guide) were on earlier models and were fixed. Evidently Volvo did not fix all their problems. They refused to refund the cost and indicated that the dealer might provide some satisfaction. THIS IS NOT A DEALER PROBLEM, THIS IS A VOLVO DESIGN PROBLEM.

NOTE: I am a retired Chief Scientist and professor emeritus in electrical engineering and am familier with electronic reliability. If this type of failure occurs in other S70s, it is a design defect; and if the dealer had the parts in stock it indicates that the parts fail often.

Robert of Chehalis WA (6/3/03):
Just took delivery of a new 2004 S60 Volvo. After driving in full daylight the display lights are washed out to be almost unreadable. The LED lights are blue green and the glare from the windows interferes with the ability to view the clock, temp, mileage, cruise, radio and message center displays.

Volvo has no fix. Customer service center states that that is just how the car is designed. This is a small problem compared to others I have read about. This is my 3rd new volvo since 1997 and I have had no unsolved issues in the past. This issue is annoying since the displays are distracting while driving when you can't see them due to the glare and dullness of the dislay.

Martin of Howell MI (4/16/03):
I bought an S80 in 2000 and it wil be my last. I've had $6000 in repairs in the last 18 months. Prior to that repairs were covered under warranty (body side molding coming unglued, couldn't get it out of park, etc.). This car is a lemon however the Lemon Laws in Michigan are such that I don't have recourse.

Leon of South San Francisco CA (4/16/03):
Not only has my Volvo had tremendous and expensive maintenance problems, even though some started before the car was out of warranty, I have had to pay for them once they continued into the after-warranty period. Recently, in response to a recall for seat heaters, the "fix" has consisted of basically emasculating the unit so it does not produce any appreciable warmth. This assures that the seats will not catch fire: They no longer warm.

Melanie of Edison NJ writes (4/1/03):
My Volvo S80 T6 is a wreck. I've put a great number of miles on the car, and have gone past the warranty limit, but even if the mileage was doubled, the car should never have the problems it does. THIS IS THE E-MAIL I WROTE TO VOLVO. IT EXPLAINS SEVERAL OF THE PROBLEMS, BUT CERTAINLY NOT ALL OF THEM:

In 1999, I purchased a new S80 T6. Since the acquisition, I have had nothing but problems. These include a slipping transmission, non-spooling turbos, and a dashboard that's lit up like a Christmas tree.

Before these most recent problems, I have had the police and fire departments, and HAZMAT called to my residence to control the life-threatening cracked gas tank that came about through no fault of my own. I never made a complaint or asked for any compensation for the damage caused. In fact, through all of these faults, I have maintained the car to the best of my ability and willingly paid for service when necessary.

I have become overwhelmed with the recurring difficulties experienced with this car, and once and for all want to diagnose each and every little problem with it. I called the dealership I purchased the car from (and get it serviced at) and explained my current dilemma. It was explained to me that to get a complete diagnostic test of the vehicle, it would cost $88.00 per hour. Although this is nothing compared to the money I have invested into the car, it is an insult after all of the problems experienced.

I am writing to ask for any assistance you can provide in diagnosing and/or repairing the vehicle (or connecting me with someone in my area who can). I�d like to add that I have been a Volvo owner since 1986. I have passed down your cars to my daughters when they first started driving and have entrusted their lives in your safe vehicles. I have never been so let down mainly because I never thought I�d be hesitant about giving one of your cars to one of my kids. Again, I appeal to you; Please restore my faith in your company.

A very nonsympathetic, seemingly unconcerned customer relations consultant contacted me. He explained that there was nothing that could be done, nothing at all. He did try to explain it away by saying that it "wasn't the best car we ever made" and several of the problems I stated were common. I wanted to scream, I was so upset. Can anything be done?

Melanie should contact an experienced Lemon Law attorney in New Jersey at once. She may have waited too long but she won't know until she consults someone who knows her state's laws.

Dorothy Murray of Patchogue NY writes (1/2/03):
I purchased this Demo model Volvo cross country in feb 1999. It was a 98 model with 12,000 miles on it and cost $32,000. I have had non-stop problems with it. Most recently the axle went. In the last 5 months of 2002, I paid over $5,000 in repairs. Since I purchased this car, the repairs have cost me over $10,000.

I have written to Volvo and they replied that all cars need repairs. A year after I bought the car I had a crash and while it was being repaired, the repairman said it was in a previous crash; not by me, but obviously the dealer had a crash and didn't disclose it. Then a week after I bought the car, I found a sale notice in the car that was $1,000 less than I paid. i have always had the car serviced by Volvoville but at this stage it is getting outrageous. I have had many cars and we also own many trucks but have never put this kind of money into them. The only answer that volvoville can give is that I don't have the extended warranty.


Fred of Escondido CA writes (8/6/02):
I own a 2000 Volvo S40. The clear coat of the paint has came off the entire top of the car (hood, roof, and trunk) Volvo is trying to tell me that it is from a pressure washer car wash, but if that is it why does the paint only come off where the sun hits.

This car is a 2000, now if they don't fix it I have to spend 5000 to have it repainted. That is a great way to treat a Marine, sell him a car that the paint comes off.

Cathy of Irvine CA (9/10/02):
I purchased a 1999 Volvo C70 brand new. In the past 3 years I have gone though 3 sets of brakes, 2 sets of rotors, 2 sets of tires, 3 motors on the passenger seat, 1 motor on the driver's seat, the front headlight came loose causing severe damage to my front fender, the CD player has had to be replaced twice, the battery cable was faulty causing me to have a dead battery for over a month and the replacement of 3 batteries, the door latches lock which does not allow you to shut the doors, and now the transmission has to be completely replaced. Not to mention that making a U-Turn is impossible in the car because of the grinding and squealing noise the car makes with just a simple turn. It only has 50,000 miles on it and is a $48,000 car.

While the dealer has been quite phenomenal at handling all of these issues, it is more than inconvenient to have to constantly take my car into the shop. I am a single mom raising 2 kids and do not have the luxury of a second car or the time to run to the dealership and wait for hours on end while they fix my car. With the transmission issue, the dealership had 2 technicians drive it and put it on the "diagnosis" machine and said it was fine. It was only when one of the customer service reps who used to be a technician offered to take the car home for the evening that he confirmed my diagnosis of the transmission failing. Then he would not give me the specifics on what was wrong with the car, only that Volvo was paying to put a brand new transmission in my car and they'll call me when it is ready. This leads me to believe that this transmission issue is much bigger than my one little C70. My payments on this car are $600.00 a month and it is definitely not a car worth $600.00 a month.

Marlene of San Francisco (10/11/02):
I brought the vehicle in March 1999, a Volvo c70 convertible. Approximately 3 to 6 months after purchase the car began emitting black smoke. I took the car to Royal Motors (where I purchased it). They said they fixed the smoke problem. Two weeks later the same thing with the smoke happened. I took it in again and they said it was fixed. That afternoon, after picking up the vehicle, the smoke began again. I returned the vehicle and waited without a vehicle for 3 and 1/2 weeks for vehicle. They said they fixed the smoke problem.

The problem with the smoke reappeared three months later and I returned the car, this time the car was in the shop for approximately 2 weeks, they said they fixed the problem. Needless to say the car emitting smoke approximately 3 weeks after I took it in and they said they fixed it. I believe the last time it was in for the same thing black smoke coming from my vehicle, was in February of 2001, I asked for a replacement car saying my car was a lemon,and the warranty was up in March. I found out I had a 4 year warranty and they fixed it again and once more problem returned. I can't count the number of times it's been in for this black smoke, which is now occurring again for about the 6th or 7th time the cd has been replaced three times. The front passenger seat motor has broken down twice. The recalls on the vehicle were never done till just recently and all at once, there were 15 recalls since buying the car. The battery died because of one of the recalls that drained it. The primary problem is the black smoke coming from my vehicle, and the warranty is up March of 2003.

This car may be a candidate for Lemon Law action. Marlene should consult an attorney who specializes in Lemon Law actions.

Don of Portland OR (4/6/02):
I had a failure of the ABS brake system control module on my 1998 Volvo Cross Country at 90,000 miles. I am told by my service advisor and manager that these failures are epidemic; and very long waits may be anticipated as part demand far exceeds supply.

I was charged for a new part when it was repaired, and I asked to keep the old. Only for a $200 "core fee" so I did not. (In Europe, these are rebuilt and sold for $80.00, they cannot tell me what I got here.) My complaint: it is a safety issue. The part fails in cycles; when it is off, it works fine, just no ABS, when it is on, it works fine. The failing cycle, which repeats many times until the part is replaced, results in loss of brake effectiveness for that particular braking application.

Brake pedal feel on the failing cycle encounters the resistance of the ABS pump, which is quite surprising the first few cycles. I had many per day for the time between detection of the failure and part replacement. Nobody at Volvo has contested or argued this braking effectiveness point with me, and I have brought it up many times. One senior resolution resolver flat stated I was likely correct. However, as a corporation, they refuse to address the issue, or cover it, or consider recalling the part.

I have received lip service from all at Volvo, and an offer to give me a discount at the dealer, which I refused, because I did not think it was their fault. FYI, I worked as a mechanic in college, am anal about service, and perform most services sooner than recommended schedules. I am also a fairly conservative driver. I have copies of all bills and correspondece related to this issue.

I remain convinced that anybody driving around with this part in the failing cycle is an accident waiting to happen. The aggravation is considerable, and I frankly regret coming to a decision to leave a brand that builds a car that so closely fits my requirements.

Fred of South Pleasantville NY (3/20/02):
My Volvo S80 has had over a dozen different failures during the first two years of ownership. The dealership promised to contact Volvo North America about this problem but now the manager will not take my calls or return my calls concerning this matter.

Afraid to drive car since it has broken down so many times. Have spent many days bringing car in for service. For $40,000, shouln't have to put up with this. Dealer will not help

Morris of West Palm Beach FL (8/2/01):
I purchased a brand new Volvo S60 at Volvo Palm Beach in November. Ever since the right front speaker sounds blown. They replaced it once but the noise is still there. The problem is the speaker doesn't sound busted all the time. Sometimes I take the car to the dealer and by the time I get there the noise is gone. One time they did hear the noise and replaced the speaker, but the next day the same noise was there. Therefore it's not the speaker. When the noise is there, it's all but impossible to listen to the radio or CDs. I know this seems minor but it's a BRAND new car. Why should I have to deal with this? Everytime someone rides in my car I'm praying that the noise won't start so I'm not embarrassed.

I just can't believe Volvo cannot resolve the issue and I'm tired of the same excuses. It's a BRAND new car - they should be willing to do whatever it takes to get it fixed. Eight months later I'm still driving this car with a noise from the front speaker. It's very time consuming to drive to the dealership and then get rejected because I can't recreate the same noise. I've even contacted Volvo Corporate, sent faxes, mailed a compliant and NO ONE even had the courtesy to contact me. My first Volvo and, unfortunately, likely my last.